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We've put together information regarding our events, from venue guides to how to pay your balance for our two and three night events in Eastbourne.  If there is something you can't find or need assistance with then please CONTACT US and we'll do our best to help.

Icons in WHITE are relevant for all our events, icons in GREEN relate specifically to our 2 and 3 night events at West Rocks in Eastbourne.

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Booking Information for our 2/3 night events in Eastbourne

Good To Know... top tips and useful information about your booking

We've designed the booking and payment process for our A Weekend Away With... events to be as easy as possible. Everything is managed online. Below is some useful information for you to be aware of.  If you need any help or have any questions, don't hesitate to CONTACT US

Your Booking Timeline will immediately issue an e-ticket on payment confirmation of your deposit. This is NOT a ticket to the event, it is a confirmation of what yo have booked and that your deposit has been received.

Within a few days you will receive a BOOKING CONFIRMATION from - this is our confirmation to you of the accommodation and weekend that has been booked for you.

We'll send you a reminder a few days before your final deposit is due, normally eight weeks before the event.  We know Christmas is an expensive time of year so for events in March we usually set the deposit due date of 31 January. Your booking confirmation will show the exact due date.

You will receive an email from us inviting you to check-in online. By doing so saves you considerable time when you arrive at the venue. To check-in online you will need the following information for you and anyone else in your room:
Full Name
Date of Birth
Details of food allergies / indicate any vegetarian requirements
Details of any medical conditions you wish to be known to the events team

Ensure that you and those including on you booking have photographic ID - photographic ID is your entry ticket to the weekend and the details must match those on your booking AND for the details for those you have checked-in online.

Our No Cancellation Policy

We are very transparent about the reasons for our NO CANCELLATION


The price we sell rooms for represents remarkable value for money but we also know its a lot of money to pay in one go.  So to make it easier, we advertise our events six months in advance and we don't ask for full payment at the time of booking in lieu of your deposit. When you pay a deposit, that is you saying to us that you are committed to attending the event.  In return, we promise to not sell the room to anyone else even offered the full amount.  The closer we get to the event, the less likely it would be for us to re-sell a room that had been held with a deposit then cancelled.

The intimate nature of these events, coupled with our policy of giving the best value for money,  means we must have a full hotel in order to make the event financially viable

We do offer, for free, a name change service.  If you are not able to attend an event you have booked, if you re-sell the room yourself, let us know the details and we'll transfer the booking to that person

How to book A Weekend Away Room

1. Visit - select the event you wish to attend

2. Select room type for the number of people in your room

3. Add to cart (note, quantity is number of ROOMS not people)

4. Proceed through the check-out.

Note: will collect your deposit based on the number of occupants allowed for the room you have selected:

Single Room - 1 person - £40

Twin Room (two single beds) - 2 people - £80

Double Room (one large bed) - 2 people - £80

Triple Room (one single bed and one large bed) - 3 people - £120

Family Room (one double bed and two bunk style beds - 4 people - £160

Balance Due Date

You will receive a booking confirmation from We Love Hard House within a few days of paying your deposit.  The balance due date, normally about eight weeks before the event, is designed to help people budget.  As long as the full amount is received by the balance due date you are welcome to pay off the balance in installments at any time.

How To Pay Your Balance

1. Click PAY NOW on your Booking Confirmation

2. You will be directed to our payment gateway

3. The amount shown is the outstanding balance remaining

4. Change the amount to how much you wish to pay*

5. Follow the online instructions

*As long as the full amount is received by the Balance Due Date, you are welcome to pay your balance of in installments.  When you return to pay another installment the outstanding amount you see reflects previous payments received.

More information about how to pay your balance on our Customer Payment Page

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