Dawn Lee had been on our radar for a while, we'd been hearing good things but never had the chance to see her play until Rob Tissera asked for Dawn to be one of his guest DJs at A Weekend Away With Rob Tissera; he spoke very highly of her and when we saw her play we understood why.  Dawn's mixing is faultless, a genius at track selection and very versatile.

As a producer, Dawn has produced over a dozen tracks, most of which reach the top end of the Toolbox Digital charts, are played by DJs across the spectrum of hard house and feature on compilation albums.  

Interviews With Dawn Lee

Hard House According to Dawn Lee

Hard House According To Dawn Lee
February 2018

Q - What is your first Hard House Experience? 
A: - my first commercial hard house experience was at slinky at the opera house in Bournemouth, I think BK and Lisa Lashes were on the bill and I remember being dragged away from the dance floor at the end of the night when the encore track got dropped 99th floor elevators ft Tony de vit "hooked" because our coach was leaving shortly!! I nearly missed my lift home 😂

Q - What one track gets you on the dance floor? 

A - This is a hard question as there are so so many .. I was at a woods party just outside guildford area many many moons ago and for the first time I heard "Access" KY Jelly babies mix and couldn't stop dancing!!!! I loved it so much I went out and bought it on vinyl! 

This was my first ever vinyl and kick started me off into my vinyl addiction and learning to DJ seriously so for this reason this track just pips many many other floor stomping tracks that get me on that dance floor!! 

Q - Which track defines hard house in your mind? 
A - Another REALLY tough question as there are so many I like for different reasons.  Many DJ / producers influenced that sound for me such as Glazby, Dom Sweeten, RR Fierce, Bourne and the list goes on, I don't know if I could narrow it down to just one track!

Q -  What one HH track do you wish you had produced?
A - This answer would change daily as there are so many I love and take inspiration from nowadays!!  If I were to start my career earlier, back when hard house was at its peak, two big tracks spring to mind BK - Revolution and Baby Doc - I need you were two I would have given my right arm to have written back in the day! 

Q - Is there a commercial pop track that you think is crying out for a hard house mix? 
A  - Because I love so many genres and I take my inspiration from many angles then there is so many pop tracks that would rock a hard house mix ... I don't want to give to many of my ideas away though so I will tell you that when I first started my production journey one of my besties Sam asked me to beef up Chesney hawkes - I am the one and only one day for her as she is a massive Chesney fan and for the funny!! Well Sam piper, challenge accepted it will happen one day!!!

Q -  What is the longest set you have played? 
A - I have played a couple of 90 minute sets solo and a 2 hour B2B set! I am relishing the thought of a full 3 hour journey though!!!! 

Q - As a clubber, do you prefer the big production large crowd nights or the smaller more intimate underground ones?

A - I like both for different experiences .. the large scale productions if done well are all about the show!! The lasers, the big production, the whole journey and experience, however just tipping it slightly for me are the smaller more intimate events, because I like to be able to watch a DJ play a bit more up close and personal than somewhere lost up on a big stage and also the crowd seem more friendly and more enthusiastic and more up for it! Being in that kind of atmosphere always makes me feel like I'm part of the family and I'm finally home!! i

Internview for Essential Hard House - Due Sept 2019

Interview with Dawn to accompany the release of her Vicious Circle Essential  Hard House mix - Sept 2019