Customer Payment Page

Welcome to the Customer Payment Page.

This is where you can find ways of making payments towards a balance for one of our "A Weekend Away With..." events.  We accept all major credit and debit cards, and we do not charge you a payment transaction charge. You can pay as much or as little as you like, as often as you like, as long the full balance is received by the due date.  

There are three easy and secure ways to pay part or all of your balance:

Registered for our Customer Portal?

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Refer to our Booking Confirmation 

This is by far the easiest way to view your balance and make a payment.

1). Refer to our Booking Confirmation email 

2). Click on the relevant option

3). Follow the on-screen instructions

The outstanding balance shown is the current outstanding total.  If you are paying a proportion off from the outstanding balance, change the value to the amount you wish to pay on this occasion.

If you can't find your booking confirmation then contact us for assistnance

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​Log into the Customer Portal    

If you are registered to use our Customer Portal you will have access to all your bookings. 

1), Click into the relevant booking 

2). Follow the on-screen instructions

Customer Portal Log-in

Not Registered?  We can set you up with access to your customer portal.

Portal Registration


​Use our secure Payment Gateway

Quick, simple and secure.  No need to log in. All payments confirmed by email

Payment Gateway

Good to know...

To manage our business effectively we use a platform called ZOHO which links in our website with to a business management system, all hosted by ZOHO.  If you see the ZOHO logo or if ZOHO appears in the URL bar this is quite normal.  

All transactional websites need to use a payment processing platform which securely connects online businesses to banks and card issuers.  

We use one of the biggest and most respected payment processing platforms, called Stripe.  Other Stripe customers include Amazon, British Heart Foundation and

On 14th September 2019 a new legislation designed to reduce online fraud came into force.  Known as PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2), the legislation requires an additional level of customer authentication for certain online payment transactions.  

The additional authentication (known as SCA, or Strong Customer Authentication) is effectively a beefed up 3D Secure process that most banks and card issuers use.  When you use a debit or credit card to pay your balance, depending on who issued your card, you may be asked to verify your transaction in some way.  Businesses who are not PSD2 Compliant will start to find many customers transactions are declined as more banks and card issuers roll out SCA. 

We Love Hard House were one of the first to be PSD2 Compliant.  

By combining the power of ZOHO with the security of Stripe, transactions are safe and secure. 

You can be assured that you are using a secure link by checking for a padlock icon in your web browser URL bar.  

For some types of transactions you may notice "zohosecurepay" in your web url bar - this is quite normal and will always be preceded with a padlock icon and HTTPS