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Welcome to the new welovehardhouse.com website - the forth version since our first website.

Online technology is moving at a fast pace with more and more features available.  This upgrade has been planned for nearly 12 months and was initially due to be launched later this year, in December 2019.  We brought forward the upgrade so that we'd be compliant with a new regulation for online transactions called Strong Customer Authentication, or SCA for short. This new regulation caught us a little by surprise, and indeed pretty much of the whole of the online community.  Initially the compliance deadline was 14 September this year but because its been so badly communicated, the deadline has now been extended by 18 months.  welovehardhouse.com is ready for it now!

What Is Strong Customer Authentication?

It's an additional layer of security protection when consumers trade online and mostly used with online traders where consumers are paying for part of a product, such as a subscription or, in our case, where a balance is due on a product such as our A Weekend Away With... events.  As you proceed to the payment page your bank or card issuer, if they are signed up to SCA, will send you a text message, either as an SMS or via an in-app alert, asking you to authorise the transaction.  Your bank/card issuer will contact you when they are SCA enabled.   

What Else Is New With V4?

The big and immediately noticeable change is that the site is much more mobile device friendly.  Where as the previous site was "mobile responsive" meaning there was mobile version of the desk-top site, V4 has been designed for the mobile user.  Things like images, sign-up forms etc should now fit on your mobile device and you should only need to scroll down to see an entire page.  In particular, our forthcoming events listing is much easier to read than before.  

V4 will enable us to have a VIP Club area, which, although the previous site gave us the same, it was very cumbersome to use and looked horrible. 

The new site will also enable to us to have cute new features, some of which we can have hosted on our servers, or others, which requires specialist technology, can be hosted elsewhere but available here, such as the mosaic image below.  The image in terms of space it takes up on a server is huge, so its hosted on a specialist image server. If you scroll your mouse over the image you'll see a thousand small images to make the mosaic picture. 

There are more features on the way, we wanted to get the site moved onto the new platform before we get too clever with gizmos and things.  If you have any comments or feedback we'd love to hear from you - use the form at our CONTACT US page.

Finally, we are aware there is an issue with some of the galleries.  The issue is currently with the server hosts help desk and we hope to have it fixed soon.

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