World renowned DJ and  hard dance icon, Lisa Pin-Up is one of the few female DJs to make it big from the UK (reaching the top 30 in the DJ mag 100 poll).

On the decks she is a legend, known for her skillful mixing, fun party style and an ability to turn any dance-floor into a seething frenzy. Off the decks she is a prolific producer, releasing tracks and remixes for Tidy/Nukleuz/Ministry of sound as well as being part of the famous tidy girls EP.

Lisa’s first Media break came with a front cover feature on DJ mag about girl DJs in the industry, since then she appeared on another DJ mag front cover celebrating her high position in their 100 poll.

So far Lisa has featured in every dance magazine, in woman’s publications, main stream news papers and even though leaving her modelling career behind, appeared in a loaded magazine hot babe feature.

Throughout her career Lisa has mixed a number of gold disc compilations, released her very own artist album for Nukleuz entitled “baddest mutha” and been an ambassador for Bacardi running a music competition with her remixes being released on MTV. On top of her busy DJ and production schedule Lisa even launched her own brand tour nights called “God Save the Queen” and “Neon Glam” which played to thousands of clubbers at massive events all across the UK.

Lisa’s career all started 18 years ago with a management deal with Miss Moneypennys and a residency for Freedom @ London’s Bagleys Film studios (a weekly 3,000 event with Lisa hosting one of the arena’s) Up to date Lisa has rocked some of the largest events and festivals across the UK such as Passion in Coalville, God Kitchen, Gatecrasher, Xstatic, tidy, Frantic, BTID, Creamfields, Slinky, Escape into the Park, Goodgreef, Coloursfest as well as DJing in nearly every European country along with the US and Canada.




Pumpin Up  by Lisa Pin-Up/London Fiesta (White label)

(Released Feb 1998)


Feel the Poison by Lisa Pin-Up/Sugar The Pill (White label)

(Released Oct 1998)


Rock With Me (Tidy Girls EP) by Lisa Pin-Up (Tidy Trax)

(Released June 1999)


Freedom by Lisa Pin-Up/Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Devil May Care)

(Released July 1999)


Future Acid House by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz Records)

(Released Feb 2000)


What Would We Do? by Lisa Pin-Up/Billy Daniel Bunter (Honey Pot)

(Released March 2000)


Music For The Masses '99 by Lisa Pin-Up and Tomislave

(Released April 2000)


To Love Is To Listen by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz Records)

(Released April 2000)


Such A Feeling by Lisa Pin-Up/Gary Sharkie (Rock Hard Recordings)

(Released June 2000)


It's Not Over Yet by Lisa Pin-Up/Gary Sharkie (Rock Hard Recordings)

(Released July 2000)


What It Does To Me by Lisa Pin-Up/Billy Daniel Bunter (Rock Hard Recordings)

(Released August 2000)


Queens In The House by Lisa Pin-Up/Modelle/Elvira (OTR Records)

(Released September 2000)


Biggest Baddest Mutha by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz Records)

(Released October 2000)


Another Jam by Lisa Pin-Up/Modelle/Elvira (Rock Hard Recordings)

(Released November 2000) Later signed to Nukleuz Records (Re-released April 2001)


Sexy by Lisa Pin-Up/Elvira (Rock Hard Recordings)

(Released December 2000)


DJs Make Ya Move by Lisa Pin-Up/Modelle/Elvira (OTR Records)

(Released January 2001)


Fever by Lisa Pin-Up (Rock Hard Recordings)

(Released April 2001)


Hard House Stompin' by Lisa Pin-Up (Rock Hard Recordings)

(Released May 2001)


To The Max by Lisa Pin-Up (Rock Hard Recordings)

(Released June 2001)


To The Bone by Lisa Pin-Up/Elvira on 23/7 (Ministry of Sound)

(Released July 2001)


Can't Top It by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz Records)

(Released February 2002)


It's Incredible  by Lisa Pin-Up (Cuttin Soundz)

(Released March 2002)

Turn Up The Sound by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz Records)

(Released April 2002)


Jump! Jump! Jump! by Lisa Pin-Up vs London Fiesta (Cuttin Soundz)

(Released May 2002)


Blow Your Mind by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz Records)

(Released December 2002)


Sometimes We're Dancing/Don't Leave Me This Way</b>, by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz Records)

(Released April 2003)


Goes like this BANG! by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz records)

(released October 2003)


Tie me up (DJ Nation) by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz records)

(Released March 2004)


F**k this F**king, F**ck! by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz records)

(Release May 2004)


Double sider There's a void (ecstasy)/I've had enough</b> By Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz) [released October 2004]


Party tonight By Lisa Pin-Up (Pin-Up Records)

(released January 2005)


Double sider:- Machine Gun Madness/Really like Cocaine  By Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz records) [released May 2005]


Double sider:-Be My Lover/Naughty Freak By Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz Records) [released October 2005]


Lisa Pin-Up E.P:- Side 1)- Slave to your love, Side 2) What a wicked style</b>

By Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz records) [released March 6th 2006]


Feel the beat By Lisa Pin-Up (Exclusive tracks)

[released October 2007]


Bits and Pieces By Lisa Pin-Up

(promotion only)


Djs Request by Lisa Pin-Up (tidy trax)

(released Nov 2008)


Biggest Baddest Mutha by Lisa Pin-Up (The Remix) (Nukleuz Records)

(released February 2001)


Old Skool Flavours by The Frisky Crew (Frisky Records)

(Released March 2001)


That's It by Mr.Bishi (Y2K Records)

(Released March 2001)


Boom Jam by Let's Shake (Rude Boy Records)

(Released May 2001)


How You Like Bass? by Norman Bass - Substance (Ministry of Sound)

(Released May 2001)


Hey DJ by Double Figures - 23/7 (Ministry of Sound)

(Released June 2001)


Bomb Thrush by Organ Donors (Rock Hard Recordings)

(Released August 2001)


Be There by Carlotta Chadwick (Rock Hard Recordings)

(Released October 2001)


The Drill by The Dirt Devils (Nu-life Records)

(Released February 2002)


The Call To Power by Project 303 (Rock Hard Recordings)

(Released February 2002)


The Sound Of Freedom (Automatic Records)

(Released September 1999)


Raising Hell (Virgin)

(Released July 2000)


Hard House Nation (Warner Music)

(Released September 2000; received gold disc for sales.)


Hard House Nation 2  (Warner Music)

(Released December 2000; received gold disc for sales)


Hard House 3 (Warner Music)

(Released March 2001)


Hard House Euphoria (Telstar Records)

(Released October 2001)

Charlys Angelz Ibiza Distributed in Ibiza by the club-Charlys Angelz

 (Released summer 2002)


Biggest Baddest Mutha (Nukleuz Records)

All 11 tracks produced by Lisa.

(Released April 2003


Hard House Anthems 5 X-Rated       (Nukleuz Records)

released March 2004


Infinity (Sony/BMG)

(released December 27th 2004)


Hard House Anthems vol 6 (Nukleuz)

(released June 2005)


Harddance Revolution (Nukleuz)

(released June 2007)


Tidy Weekender 9 (Tidy)

(released July 2007)


Tidy Weekender Live-15 (tidy)