FREE - Name Change Facility - Why it exists and how it works

We've had two instances lately of individuals offering to sell their spaces at sold out We Love Hard House events where in fact the individuals concerned turned out to be opportunistic fraudsters.  In the first instance at the start of the New Year it was a very random set of circumstances and not online. 

More recently we've had an individual pop up one of our current event pages on Facebook.  Thank you to everyone that reported this.  We've carried out quite extensive checks (more than just see if there is a name match); we can say with certainty the seller is not genuine.   

We offer a FREE name change facility which acts as a security and anti-fraud mechanism which protects the buyer, the seller and ourselves.

If you are buying a room...

..... before you part with any money the seller needs to inform us of their intent to sell their accommodation to you.  We'll then contact you, with the seller in copy.  We will confirm:-

- the booking exists

- details of the room

- number of people the booking is for

- outstanding balance*

*You will assume responsibility for any outstanding balance 

If you are selling your room...

..... we will happily facilitate a name change on your booking for free.  In order to do that, please email us (  For security reasons the email must come from the same account that has received the original We Love Hard House Booking Confirmation.  

In your email you must clearly state that

- you wish to sell your room

- the name, address, email address and telephone number of the buyer

- that you authorise We Love Hard House to provide details of the booking and payments made by, and due from you. 


The seller must instigate the name change process as we are unable to discuss any aspect of the booking without permission from the seller.

Once the buyer confirms to us they are happy to take on the booking, we'll ask the seller to confirm we can release the booking to the buyer.  This is done on the understanding We Love Hard House is not held in any way accountable for the exchange of money between the seller and buyer.  

If you have any questions or require clarification on the above, please email and we'll do our best to help.