We Love Hard House Logo and Brand Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in our brand.  We Love Hard House is run by a small dedicated team.  The integrity of our brand is an important part of who we are and the use/appearance of our logo is subject to our Image Use Policy. 

Download our logo.

By downloading our logo you agree to the We Love Hard House Logo Usage Policy






C 0% 

M 0% 

Y 0% 

K 0%




C 0% 

M 100% 

Y 100% 

K 0%




C 0% 

M 0% 

Y 0% 

K 100%

- the image is a perfect circle 

- where useage is on backgrounds that are not white, the white border must be included

- Colours must not be changed 

Download our URL devices:

Our URL devices are for use in conjunction with our main logo, never in place of it.  Both versions of our URL device are PNG files on transparent back-grounds. 


We Love Hard House logo usage policy

1). Our logo must not be used in publications or alongside articles or images that depict/promote human suffering* (including starvation and torture), immoral activities (including any type of prostitution) bullying, pedophilia, rape, slavery, homophobic, sexual or racial discrimination).

2) Our logo must not be used to promote or endorse products, goods or services other than those agreed in writing by us.

3). Our logo must not be used to pro-actively endorse events events by explicitly suggesting our recommendation

4). Our logo must not be used in conjunction with direct or implied references to excessive consumption of alcohol or promotion of substances likely or potentially to cause intoxication

5). Our logo must not be used to promote events such as “Bad Taste Parties” or at events where the theme is likely to cause offense

6). Our logo must not be used as images on merchandising without our written consent and approval

7). Our logo must not be altered in shape or colour

8). Our logo must only be used to promote agreed events/products/services and must not mislead, misguide or cause mistrust with clubbers

The We Love Hard House black circle device is a registered trademark with international coverage at the Intellectual Property Office in the UK.  Registration Number UK 000003243211