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Sound track
- The Pod by Anne Savage vs Vinylgroover & The Red Head. Additional production by Paul King / Cube Studios Barcelona.
Video produced
by Big Scottish Salmon for We Love Hard House.  © 2018 We Love Hard House.  

Pure Anne Savage promises to be a unique way to enjoy one of the biggest names globally in hard house.  A eight hour journey that will cross genres as the momentum builds from a chunky warm-up set from special guest Sarah G.  Anne then takes over for seven hours.  The biggest challenge will be for Anne to try and squeeze in as many tracks  as she can representing her 25 year since taking up her first DJ residency  at legendary Angels in Burnley where she cut her teeth as alongside Carl Cox, Joey Beltram and Paul Taylor.

In a career that has seen regular nominations in the Top 100 DJs poll, Anne´s global appeal continues to dominate the hard house DJ circuit with UK and worldwide appearances at some of the biggest dance events. Her witty banter and authoritativeness on all things hard dance made her a popular presenter for the , Radio 1 and Ministry Of Sound Radio.

Anne´s wide appeal and fan base makes her an ideal ambassador for Plug'em - an initiative by the British Tinnitus Association that aims to remove the stigma of using ear plugs in loud environments, such as concerts, festivals and other music events. welovehardhouse.com in association with Anne Savage will be donating £1 from each ticket sold for Pure Anne Savage to Plug´em


We're raising money for Plug'em through a series of silent auctions where you can  bid on unique memorabilia, such as club decor. CLICK HERE to see what's currently up for grabs!

Thank you to everyone that came to A Weekend Away With Paul King
If you came along to A Weekend Away With Paul King - thank you for helping to make the event such a success. A photo-gallery will be available soon. 

19 Feb 2018

Online Check-in for our 2 and 3 night events in Eastbourne
Over the winter we have been working on a check-in platform that would allow our customers to "check-in" for weekend events in Eastbourne.  We have a number of legal and contractual obligations to the hotel that necessitates a little bit of paperwork.  This could cause a bottleneck if we get groups all arriving together.  Moving to an online method speeds up the entire process.  For those that check-in online, they go direct to the hotel reception, sign the registration card that has been printed and ready for them, show their ID and collect their keys.  For those who wish to continue checking in at the hotel - that's fine too.  We'll have tablet computers for them... much easier than filling in a form with a pen.  The on-line check-in system is currently disengaged from our main computer system on purpose while we evaluate it.  We are going live with the new system one event at a time, today those attending A Weekend With Paul King were the first to receive an invite to check-in on line, and we thing those coming for Rob Tissera in  a couple of weeks will receive an invitation by the end of this week.

12th Feb 2018

Pure Anne Savage - Change of Venue Announcement
For reasons not connected to the event itself, the Islington o2 Academy have reluctantly pulled out of hosting Pure Anne Savage.  As disappointing as that is,  we're really pleased to announce that we have secured Phonox in Brixton for the same date and time.  Phonox is owned by the same group that XOYO belongs to, XOYO being the new home for Pure Andy Farley as of last year.  CLICK HERE to find out more about Phonox.

9th Feb 2018

A number of rooms have become available for the next series of A Weekend Away... events at Eastbourne.  As the deposit has been paid for these rooms, we are able to re-sell them for just £99 per person.  Before we re-sell any room, we check with those on the waiting list for each event.  You can go on the waiting list at any time (CLICK HERE) These will go on sale on Wednesday 31st January on a first come first served basis. CLICK HERE for details.

26 Jan 2018

GOOD TO KNOW - Our no cancellation policy for A Weekend Away With... events
Our Weekend events are hugely popular and most of them sell out in minutes.  So why do we have a no cancellation policy if they are so popular?  We advertise events six months in advance to give customers the opportunity to save for the balance payment due normally 8 weeks before the weekend itself.  The closer to the weekend, the less the chance of finding anyone to take a cancelled room as they have not had the same time to save up.  MORE HERE

25 Jan 2018

Produce A Track With Andy Farley Competition - NOW OPEN
For the third year running we are giving you the chance to win a day in the studio to produce a track with Andy Farley.  Using the Fireball Studio's in Manchester, we've again enlisted the help of Ben Stevens who will be the engineer. The track will then be sent to our friends cut2vinyl who will produce the track on 12".  All this in time for Andy to play it at Pure Andy Farley at XOYO on Saturday 10 November 2018.  After the event you'll then receive the vinyl to keep.  As with previous years - ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!  The deadline for entries is Friday 23rd March at 5pm.  CLICK HERE for more info and to enter.

19 Jan 2018

Our new VIP club - coming soon
We're launching a VIP Club - membership will initially be free and will offer all kinds of advantages, from access to ticket 48 hours before general release, exclusive discounts with a range of places and a chance to win some amazing prizes.  Those already on our mailing list will get automatic membership.  CLICK HERE to join the mailing list

18 Jan 2018

A room has become available for A Weekend Away With Rob Tissera 23rd to 26th Feb 2018
Huge disappointment for one Rob Tissera fan as they have reluctantly had to cancel their booking for A Weekend Away With Rob Tissera in Eastbourne.  That does mean there is now one room available for this otherwise sold out event.  A deposit of £60 is required immediately to secure the booking, with the balance (£218)  due on 1st Feb 2018.  To book, call 0844 884 3227 and press option 2 or email events@welovehardhouse.com with your name and telephone number.

3 Jan 2018

Four of the top five selling events on moreonthedoor.com are ours! - Thank you for your support
Thank you to Aaron Calver for pointing out four We Love Hard House events are in the top five of moreonthedoor.com's top events for December.  A leader-board of top events has so many variables (month, size of venue etc) we prefer to judge the success of an event based on attendees and feedback.  That said, great to see our events listed in this way (based on events on sale at the time). 

1 Pure Andy Farley*

2 The Cheeky Tracks "Easter Bunny Boiler"

3 A Weekend With Rob Tissera

4 Pure Anne Savage
5 A Weekend Away with Paul King

With the exception of one week, Pure Andy Farley 2017 remained in the top spot for the entire duration the tickets went on sale.   We should point out that this doesn't make our events any more or less credible as those from our counterparts.  We should also point out that we used to own moreonthedoor.com and we use them exclusively, just to be completely transparent! We just wanted an excuse to say thank you for your support!

2 Jan 2018

Happy New Year!
However you plan to celebrate New Years Eve we hope you have a safe one and wish you a Happy New Year.  Our first event of 2018 is A Weekend Away With Paul King on 16th February.  CLICK HERE for details of events so far announced for 2018.   Later in January we will be announcing details of our Autumn 2018 events at Eastbourne - there are a few surprises there!   Happy New Year!

31 Dec 2017

20 Years of Sarah Gee
This month sees Sarah Gee celebrate 20 years as a DJ.  To help Sarah celebrate the milestone we have a few things planned with Sarah next year and she features on a number or event line-ups as part of that.  In January we'll be publishing an interview Sarah has done with legendary producer Baby Doc and in March and April you can catch Sarah flexing her versatile DJ muscles playing a variety of different genre sets for us at our some of our "A Weekend Away With..." events in Eastbourne and as part of the Pure Anne Savage event in London.   Happy Anniversary Sarah!

31 Dec 2017

Little Miss Natalie joins A Weekend Away With The Girls Featuring Lisa Pin-Up
Kirsty Lee James has been given the opportunity of travelling to Chicago as part of a charity mission.  The dates of Kirsty's trip clash with A Weekend Away With The Girls which means she won't be able to join us in Eastbourne.  As sad as we are that Kirsty won't be with us, we are delighted to announce that Little Miss Natalie will take Kirsty's place on the line-up.  CLICK HERE for more information.

30 Dec 2017

Interview with Anne Savage by Ascension Music
Our own Anne Savage, ahead of an exciting year celebrating 25 years since landing her first DJ residency, has been interviewed by our friends at Ascension Music, CLICK HERE to read the interview.Already announced are two special sets - Pure Anne Savage (7 hour set) and Anne Savage joins We Love Hard House goes Xstatic in Ibiza. More to be announced.

29 Dec 2017

Ticketswap NOT authorised by We Love Hard House
We have had a number of people ask if Ticketswap are authorised by us to change the name of ticket holders for tickets to our events.  The simple answer is absolutely not.  We have never heard of Ticketswap until recently.  Our view is that we work hard to put on our events that are priced as competitively as possible, and our customers deserve and expect to pay not a penny more than they should.  That's why we offer a FREE name change service and our online ticket partner, moreonthedoor.com work in the same way.   We also offer a wait-list service for sold-out events. Why should a third party make money from our customers and our hard work?  Tickets for our events re-sold through a re-seller such as Ticketswap are immediately deemed invalid.  If you are unable to attend one of our events and want to offer your ticket to someone else, CONTACT US with the details and we'll happily assist, for free. 

27 Dec 2017

Merry Christmas
2017 has been an amazing year for us, thank you to the DJs and clubbers who have supported We Love Hard House.  2018 is already shaping up to be even bigger, we'll be announcing the details of what we have planned in the next few days.  But for now, on behalf of the team here, we wish you an amazing Christmas, be safe and see you on a dance-floor very soon.    (Thank you to Adelaide Afrides for the photo!).

24 Dec 2017

The Rob Tissera Road Cruiser Rail Fare Buster
Travelling from Leeds to Eastbourne to attend the A Weekend Away With Rob Tissera event by rail is working out at an extortionate £200 return - the fare being more than attending the three day event.  Its cheaper to fly to most destinations in Europe and have enough left over for for a decent meal.  We became suspicious when we started seeing posts on Facebook from those in Leeds asking for anyone interested in car-shares.   We've done some research and have come up with an alternative which we are calling the Rob Tissera Road Cruiser - a luxury mini-bus operated by a reputable and fully insured firm on our behalf.  There were cheaper options but we felt that for a five and a half hour journey we'd want to offer something that was comfortable.   We're now evaluating the viability and if there is enough interest that helps cover the cost, the return fare would be £50 per person.  CLICK HERE for more information and to register your interest.

10 Dec 2017

Our logo is now a registered trademark
Over the last couple of years we have been working on building our new brand since selling part of our business,  e-ticket platform moreonthedoor.com.   Thanks to the huge support from customers, DJs, producers and other parts of the scene the We Love Hard House brand has become widely known.  In order to protect the brand identity from unauthorised use (we've recently closed down an eBay trader who was using the brand logo on merchandise) the brand "mark" has been registered as a global trademark on the Trade Marks Registry on our behalf by the Intellectual Property Office of Great Britain and Northern Ireland under No. UK00003243211.   Thank you for giving us the support which meant protecting the brand a sensible thing to do.  

9 Dec 2017

More Convenient Ways To Pay Balances for "A Weekend Away..." bookings
From today its now possible to pay balances (or instalments towards balances) for A Weekend Away bookings by clicking on the PAY NOW link on the Booking Confirmation that we sent you.  You can select to pay the full balance, or decide how much you would like to pay off, you can pay as much or as little, as often as you like, as long as the full payment is received by the due date. 

You can also now pay at your local Post Office in cash;  using our new bank details, complete a form at the Post Office and clearly quoting your booking reference number, pay in what ever amount you want, as long as the full balance is paid by the due date. 

You can also set up a regular monthly payment to our bank using internet banking, again ensuring you quote the correct booking reference number.    Regardless of the method used, the payment will show in your customer portal account by the next working day.  CLICK HERE for more information.

8 Dec 2017

WIN a welovehardhouse.com hoodie
Signing up to our email alert service puts you into a monthly draw to win one of our hoodies.  You can choose from XS to XXXL.  They are great quality and come complete with a pocket that allows you to thread your headphone lead from the inside.  The black and red two tone match the embroidered We Love Hard House logo that is on the left breast.  We don't share, rent or sell our mailing list (its your data, not ours!) and its normally the first method we use to announce ticket release information for latest events.  To sign up CLICK HERE.

7 Dec 2017

She Mail Heads For Top 10 - Thank you for your support!
Our latest track release, She Mail by Craig Jones, looks certain to be inside the Toolbox Digital Top 10 by this weekend if the first two days of sales are anything to go by.  Both the Original mix (with killer euphoric riff) and the Tim Clewz Remix (an addictive chunky version) are proving very popular.  She Mail is exclusively available from Toolbox Digital.

6 Dec 2017

We Love Hard House announce partnership with Cut 2 Vinyl
As part of our support of vinyl as a format, We Love Hard House has entered into a partnership with Cut2Vinyl, a brand new low run high quality producer of 12”, 10” or 7” on black Lathe vinyl.  Although services already exist elsewhere, normally the end pressing is acetate which has a much shorter shelf life.  Cut2Vinyl's process uses a hand-cutting technique onto a much more robust vinyl material.  Their service includes the option for personalised and printed cardboard sleeves.  The product range will evolve early in 2018 with picture disks being added to the portfolio.  CLICK HERE for more information.

5 Dec 2017

We Love Hard House Studio launches today
We're pleased to announce a unique collaboration with one of the hard dance scenes iconic producers to present We Love Hard House Studio; a state of the art music production facility run and managed by Frank Farrell.  Regardless of experience, whether you are an established artist or someone that has never set foot inside a similar studio, We Love Hard House Studio hire comes with Franks as your producer and engineer.   Fees start from £150, and we have put together a Studio Experience Day as a gift voucher for £150  which includes pre and post support from Frank, as well as the studio for the day and we'll even put the track onto vinyl thanks to our collaboration with cut2vinyl.com - this is a limited offer and the price is low thanks to the generosity of Frank who has decided to .  CLICK HERE for more details and to book.

4 Dec 2017

Paul King's Cube Studios Relocated To Barcelona - Come and get creative in the sun
Our own Paul King has left the North East of England to set up home in Barcelona, and his Cube Studios have moved with him.  The studio is now all installed and working and ready for business.  We Love Hard House have been appointed booking agents for the studio.  Paul has deliberately chosen to have the studios open at the weekends rather than weekdays so that anyone who would like to work with Paul can make a weekend of it.  We can advise on flights and accommodation and put a customised itinerary together for you.  The switch to weekends is proving popular already with a number of weekends pencilled for the New Year.  CLICK HERE for more information.

3 Dec 2017

Pure Andy Farley 2018 On Sale  - Earlybirds sold out already!
Next year's Pure Andy Farley event has gone on sale, and we've already sold out of earlybirds.  We increased the number of earlybird tickets to 100 and they went within a day, making the event the fasted selling we've had on ticket release day - thank you for your support.  Andy has supplied a track-list for the 2017 event - CLICK HERE. We've had a load of great feedback about the free CD given out at the event and a number of people have asked about  a track on there "I Feel Divine" - the track is by SJ (which most know), the version on the CD is the Tall Paul mix.

2 Dec 2017

A Weekend Away With Rob Tissera - Friday 23rd to Monday 26th February 2018
We're pleased to announce another weekend event in February - A Weekend Away With Rob Tissera. Full details to be announced but we can confirm it will be a three night event. Deposits will be taken via moreonthedoor.com from 9pm on Friday 1st December 2017. For more info CLICK HERE

22 Nov 2017

Our own Frank Farrell hits the charts with his band Ethos
Frank Farrell is the pinnacle of versatility. We know him more has a hard-dance producer who works with the likes of Andy Farley, Captain Tinrib and Riggsy to name just a few. Add in Drum & Bass. Electro and Breaks you begin to see there is more to Frank than meets the eye. Of late he has been working on a few pop remixes for well known artists and last month his band Ethos unleashed Merry Christmas Time. The track is doing rather well, with airplay on many radio stations and analysts predicting this is going to be the Christmas track of 2017. CLICK HERE for more info

21 Nov 2017

And The Winner is...?

Feedback on social media has a huge impact on the hospitality business. Given that the West Rocks did an amazing job for us, and so many of you said how much you appreciated how the hotel welcomed us, as a thank you to the hotel we asked those at A Weekend Away With Ben Stevens to leave comments on Trip Advisor, anyone doing so could win a room at another of our weekends at West Rocks next year. A huge thank you to everyone that left a review, the hotel had no idea we'd asked you to do that and were humbled and grateful that so many did. Congratulations to Georgina Wesley - her name was the first out of the draw and wins A Weekend Away With... of her choice

20 Nov 2017

Our latest track "Rough Trade" by BK and Jamie Haig goes top 10 in the first week
THANK YOU for your support if you are one of the Digital Toolbox Shop customers who have purchased our track released earlier this week - BK & Jamie Haig's Rough Trade has already reached the top 10! Ben and Jamie wanted to create something that had the trademarks of early hard house tracks. There are two mixes - Back to '96 mix (the original mix) and a remix by Ben Stevens. Read more here...

15 Nov 2017


We Are Going to be with Xstatic Ibiza in 2018
Our friends over at Xstatic have asked We Love Hard House to join them for their Xstatic Ibiza event in 2018.  This will be the the first time our brand travels to the island and naturally we're a little bit excited.  Bookings are now being taken and you can get all you need to know HERE (or an easy to remember web address - welovehardhouse.com/ibiza 


14 Nov 2017

Dr Popper Bids Farewell

We’re lucky to enjoy a loyal and growing following with our events. Someone that has been a regular in the crowd is Paul Blackburn aka Dr Popper. Paul is immigrating to Ibiza this week and made Pure Andy Farley his farewell party. On behalf of the team at welovehardhouse.com we say thank you Paul for your amazing loyalty and support and we wish you well in Ibiza. Big love xxxxx

13 Nov 2017

Pure Andy Farley 2017 - Thank you
We had another record breaking crowd for this years Pure Andy Farley at XOYO - thank you for your support. We are putting together an event archive for this years event which will be published soon.  In the meantime, check out the gallery on FACEBOOK or see the EVENT PAGE for feedback.

Archive Pages - CLICK HERE

12 Nov 2017

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