We have a very strict rule on data protection and privacy.

Simply put, we do not sell or rent customer data for use with marketing or promotional campaigns not affiliated to We Love Hard House or We Love Great Events. For one, its not our data to do that with and we think its rude. 

If you opt in to our VIP Club (or VIP E-Alert Service) we will occasionally send you information that relates directly to us and our DJs. We may occasionally send you information on a product, service or event that we think may be of interest but we'll never allow such correspondence to come directly from a third party through us giving them your data. Where we need to collect some data in order to service a request for you, we will email you details of the information you have submitted as a record for you to retain, the exception is where financial details are provided as we prefer not to confirm card details by email. 

If you are lucky enough to win one of our competitions it is normal for us to publicise you as a winner but we do so once your consent has been granted and we even ask you to check what we plan to say before we publish it.

We usually have photographers at our events. In such cases photos are used online here at and on Facebook and maybe used in future promotional material.  Any photographer employed by us have a code of conduct to follow which incudes "refused permission to shoot".  This means that if a photographer is planning on taking a close up of you, they will first seek some kind of acknowledgement that you are happy for them to do so. A simple "no" or hand gesture where you cover your  face with the palm of your hand is not at all deemed as rude and you are encouraged to decline a photographers intentions if you wish to do so.

If an image appears online from one of our photographers via one of our portals (facebook, this site etc) that you'd prefer to be removed, let us know ASAP and the image will not only be removed but will also be deleted. 

Our website is secured by SSL technology and this is evident by the"s"after "http" in the URL bar and by an accompanying padlock symbol.  In addition, we use independently verified site auditors to periodically check our site for any security issues. 

Please also see our COOKIES policy.

We Love Hard House and are trading names of We Love Great Events Ltd.  Please feel free to contact us for clarification or any concerns regarding our privacy policy.