In ten years of running events, K8-e became the first, and so far only DJ that we booked on the strength of a demo mix.  The mix showed a huge amount of imagination, clearly a lot of thought had gone into a track selection and the tracks were not an obvious choice.  

Since then we have taken K8-e on as one of our resident DJs.  Her track selection continues to stand out for all the right reasons; along with her mixing skills and huge versatility she is a popular DJ with clubbers, other DJs and promoters.  K8-e is also becoming a prolific producer with tracks getting picked up by big name DJs and remixers and her track "My Kind Of Company" recently featured in Mixmag  

Hard House According To K8-e

Interview - May 2018

Q - What is your first Hard House Experience? 
A: - I guess it was hearing "4 Motion - Over 4 Me" at Slinky (@ the Opera House in Bournemouth) back in the late 90s but not realising it was hard house at the time (I was there for the trance). When I got into djing, the guys who taught me were playing hard trance, hard house, techno, hardcore and drum n bass, so I got a flavour for multiple genres. My first totally hard house night was in Northampton 2003 ish, and it was watching Glazby that night that made me realise what it was all about. 

Q - What one track gets you on the dance floor? 
A - Loads! But Ace of Space - 9 is a Classic (Disco Brothers remix) or Henry Trotton - James and the Giant Hoover spring to mind! 

Q - Which track defines hard house in your mind? 
A - That's a really difficult question but probably: Justin Bourne & Lee Jeffrey - Drop the Dime. I think there are many facets to hard house from the funkier side to the filthier side though and there are great tunes across the spectrum I would play to give a broader answer! That was the first tune that came to mind though and one that would also get me on the dancefloor without fail. 

Q -  What one HH track do you wish you had produced?
A - There are also many, and so many producers I admire, but the one that springs to mind I've played a lot lately is: Ross Homson - Galvez Groove - I think it's beautiful piece of hard house! 

Q - Is there a commercial pop track that you think is crying out for a hard house mix? 
A  - Yes - but they are my secrets and I am keeping them! I like to bring pop into hard house, so look out for my next few releases.

Q -  What is the longest set you have played? 
A - 2 hours warm up at the Lisa Pin-Up Weekender earlier this year. I enjoy a journey! 

Q - As a clubber, do you prefer the big production large crowd nights or the smaller more intimate underground ones?
A - As a clubber I have grown to love intimate events for hard house. Numbers aren't massive for hard house events these days so things are naturally more intimate for the most part, but I think having a crowd of people who are truly up for it and love the music can be more intense than the big events. 

Internview for Essential Hard House - Due Sept 2019

Interview with K8-e to accompany the release of her Vicious Circle Essential  Hard House mix - Sept 2019