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This weekend...

3rd December 2020​​

6pm Thursday

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K8-e (left) and Dawn Lee are our Station Managers and would love to hear from you!
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4th December 2020​​ 

3pm Friday

Jay Ainsworth & 

Jack Butler present

Ains & Butt - 

The Cantina Band

3 Hour Showcase Set

6.19pm Saturday

Our series of We Love Hard Trance Showcases continues with part 2.  A hand picked line-up features extended mixes from each of the DJs.

6:19 pm (2 hours)

Mikey Dickens

8.19pm (2 hours)

Laura May

10:19pm (2 Hours)

Jay Flinn

(Program continues into Saturday morning)

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5th December 2020​

12.19am Saturday

.... continued

12:19am (2 hours)

Ashley Waters

02.19am (90 mins)

Steve Hill

3.48am Saturday

30 Minutes of Dawn Lee.  Hidden away in a hard drive is this little gem of a mini-mix, a recording of Dawn's final session at the Lisa Lashes School of Music.

4.19am Saturday

Storm Presents:

JP & Jukesy

From Open to Close

6 Hour Set

(set recording from April 2011)

10.19am Saturday

Our series of We Love Hard Trance Showcases continues with part 2.  A hand picked line-up features extended mixes from each of the DJs.

10:19am (2 hours)

Mikey Dickens

12.19pm (2 hours)

Laura May

14:19pm (2 Hours)

Jay Flinn

16:19pm (2 hours)

Ashley Waters

18.19pm (90 mins)

Steve Hill

7.49pm Saturday

30 Minutes of Dawn Lee.  Hidden away in a hard drive is this little gem of a mini-mix, a recording of Dawn's final session at the Lisa Lashes School of Music.

8.19pm Saturday

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6th December 2020​

2.19am Sunday

6 Hour Showcase Set

8.19am Sunday

2.19pm Sunday

Our series of We Love Hard Trance Showcases continues with part 2.  A hand picked line-up features extended mixes from each of the DJs.

2:19 pm (2 hours)

Mikey Dickens

4.19pm (2 hours)

Laura May

6:19pm (2 Hours)

Jay Flinn

8:19pm (2 hours)

Ashley Waters

10.19pm (90 mins)

Steve Hill

11.49pm Sunday

30 Minutes of Dawn Lee.  Hidden away in a hard drive was this little gem of a mini-mix, a recording of Dawn's final session at the Lisa Lashes School of Music.

We return at 6pm on Thursday

Our program archive is now up and running and we are adding to it all the time.  

Click the Play Now button for more information.

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A pop-up radio station for a locked-down generation

The Coronavirus and the pandemic that it caused has desecrated the global clubland scene.  In the UK, in particular, but not exclusively, London's once vibrant and thriving club scene was already struggling thanks, mainly, to property development.  Not one venue in the UK has been open since April which is undoubtedly going to have a long term across the spectrum of clubbing.  

By the end of this year, the number of events We Love Hard House have postponed will stand at 16 (eight Eastbourne weekends, six showcase events and two under our We Love Bounce brand).  Add to that, our involvement with two other events (Frantic's Timeless event and Storms Birthday) brings the total to 18.  Our core business is to provide safe welcoming environments to enjoy hard house with like-minded clubbers and its frustrating that we are not able to do that; be assured though, as soon as its safe and legal to do so we'll have you back on the dance-floor as quickly as possible.

We Love Hard House Radio is a fully licenced pop-up internet based radio station, a temporary fix to not being able to run events.  It can never be a substitute for being at an event; the sense of belonging and euphoria of being lost in all things hard house.  It does allow us to continue providing a platform for DJs and clubbers to enjoy our trademark extended sets.  We've been overwhelmed by the support We Love Hard House Radio has received; we have now committed to broadcasting until the end of March 2021. 

Our programming format is designed to replicate as much as possible the way we run our events with the focus on long showcase DJ sets.  Each six hour showcase set that we broadcast has been produced for We Love Hard House Radio and you won't hear them anywhere else.

We Love Hard House DJs Showcase is an online version of our free to attend events in London which gave a unique platform for DJs, from scene icons to the best new talent, to play extended sets and take clubbers on a six hour musical journey.  

Each showcase set has a three stage life-cycle: Each has a debut weekend where it will be aired three times over three days to be accessible to as many people as possible.

​Once a set has had its debut weekend we then put in into a rewind category for further broadcast. Rewind sets are as popular as when they have their debut weekends and form an important part of our schedules.

As we now broadcast continuously from Friday to Monday rewind sets help fill our schedules and we are not scraping around for half hearted content. 

​With the odd exception, every set we broadcast has been produced specifically for We Love Hard House Radio and a huge amount of time and effort from each DJ goes into them. We would like the sets to be available beyond the lifespan of We Love Hard House Radio and have created the Play Now archive as part of that. 

The archive is growing each week and over time you'll be able to play pretty much anything that has first been played on We Love Hard House Radio..

Play Now Show Archive
Chat Room
About Us
Trouble Shooting
VIP Club
Contact Us

Play Now is our show archive which we add to regularly - sets are available to stream only which is a licence requirement as part of our broadcasters licence.

Where you see our REWIND logo on artwork this is to know that the set has had its debut weekend and earlier in the year.

View Shop

As we now broadcast 24 hours a day we now strictly follow the calendar and clock. Where as someone playing at 1am would have been considered 'tonight".  For us, if the set is at 1am tonight, the set is tomorrow morning and will be listed accordingly.

Outside our advertised broadcast hours we showcase tracks released on our label and are available to purchase from all good mp3 stores.

Buy Music
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K8-e (left) and Dawn Lee - Station Managers for We Love Hard House Radio

Comments and Suggestions

We've been overwhelmed by the support We Love Hard House Radio has received, from DJ and Clubbers - than you.

If you have any comments or suggestions about We Love Hard House Radio we'd love to hear from you.  Please complete your details below

Thank you for your support

Kate and Dawn

Station Managers - We Love Hard House Radio

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Chat room

Welcome to the We Love Hard House Radio Chat Room.  

For verification purposes (IE to prevent SPAM etc), to comment you will need to log-in using your Facebook or Twitter log-in details (you don't need to go to Facebook or Twitter to do that).

As you'd expect, anything of a discriminatory nature or discussions involving or promoting illegal activities are strictly forbidden. 

The Chat Room will usually be open during our scheduled program broadcast hours.

To log in, click the enter icon in the blue bar at the top of the chat room

To log-out click the exit icon on the blue bar at the top of the chat room.

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Why We Love Hard House Radio?

As the reality of the Coronavirus pandemic hit, it became very clear we were not going to get through this quickly.  Our initial plan was to try some kind of live feed.  The idea was so obvious that live feeds were popping up all over the place. The traditional social media platforms were already taking down live streams over Copyright issues. It seemed anything more than an hour long was getting cut.  It was a little chaotic.  

Around the same time one of our own DJs (Craig Jones) had put together a six hour mix and we had been exploring streaming sites.  Our own We Love Hard House DJs event, a free to attend party in London which featured long sets from guest DJs was one of the first to be cancelled through the effects of the pandemic.  So as an events organiser we wanted to find an alternative using a platform that allowed long sets without copyright issues.  

Do you just broadcast six hour sets?

The Radio project was driven, in part, by our We Love Hard House DJs events; 6 hour sessions which initially had two x 3 hour DJ slots.  When we put our events program together for 2020 pretty much every DJ asked if they could do a six hour showcase over a three hour one.  

The six hour format were popular (Paul King's showcase was the first six hour one) so that is where the six hour sets come from. Something like 80% of our output are six hour sets and they are hugely popular.  We have started working with other club brands and have sessions that are based on DJs playing more traditional length sets. 

Why are you not on radio streaming sites such as Apple and Tune-In?

We were planning to be on air for just four weeks in April and to fill the gap left by the venue closures, so mass distribution of our output hadn't been part of the plan. Since then we had planned commit to running the project on a month by month basis so it wasn't appropriate to be listed by the web radio services. That doesn't mean we are not real.  We are licenced by PPL and PRS as a web radio broadcaster. 

What are the plans for We Love Hard House Radio going forward?

We've committed to running We Love Hard House Radio until the 1st January.  Over the Christmas period we have some special one-off programs being produced.

As for beyond Christmas? Nothing definite yet.  A lot depends on when venues start to re-open and then will there be a need for us to be online? We exist because venues can't open and to provide some kind of alternative to our customers. It may be that we become more ad-hoc for a while. We take each month one at a time and a decision is based on a few key things, namely venue availability and if we maintaining listeners. 

We've just invested in refreshing the radio landing page to make it more initiative and mobile friendly,. and we are beginning to think about the first three months of the new year

We've made some cosmetic and architectural changes to the page
What is Play Now and Rewind?

Each set we broadcast has three parts to its life cycle.  Its debut weekend is where we give the mix three slots over three days (at different times). The theory that it increases the potential audience reach by taking in to account those who may be working etc.  There is usually one of the three slots listeners can make.  

The second part is the mix then goes in to a pool of mixes for broadcast "at short notice" (where a new mix has not arrived in time). They are labelled Rewind so listeners can identify them as previously broadcast sets.  If the mix is not used as a short notice set we will schedule it in somewhere. The beauty of the long mixes is they can be played several times without becoming repetitive.   Rewind sets are often as popular as debut weeekends.

The last part of the cycle is that we either hand the set back to the DJ for them to use, or they can choose us to host it indefinitely in our archive called Play Now.  The decision is often based on what copyright control exists on the tracks. 

Why do you not provide track-lists?

We operate under a special licence for web radio broadcasters that exist as a direct result of the Corona Virius pandemic.  The licence fee is reduced to make it accessible for brands like us and for community or niche music scenes that could all but disappear.  The fee takes into account that the service provider (IE, We Love Hard House Radio) does not earn an income from radio broadcasts either by way of a subscription fees or running paid for commercials.  A condition is that we do not publish track listings before the last play online.  To do so may give us a commercial advantage over broadcasters who pay tens of thousands of pounds in some cases.  

Each DJ provides us with a track list which we file with PRS; they pay royalties to the copyright holder on our behalf.  

If there is a track you particularly want to know more about, make a note of the time and the date, then either head over to the Radio chat room - often the DJ for the mix being played is there and if not, there is usually someone that can help.  If that doesn't help use the CONTACT US form giving us the date and time and any other helpful information.  We'll contact the DJ on your behalf for more information.

Contact Us
I am trying to record a set but it wont let me. Why?

It is illegal to record music that is being broadcast.  The argument is that the copyright owner is being denied revenue for his or her work.  As a broadcaster we pay for a licence that allows for rights owners to receive some kind of fee, the fee is much greater for a track / cd sold. Copyright holders consider the unlicensed recording of music as theft. More recently the emphasis is on the broadcaster to take reasonable steps to prevent the practice and our licence depends on it The radio platform we use has technology which detects if a player is also recording and will block the IP address.

Anyone that produces their own music they have composed themselves is automatically given the right to

1. copy the music
2. distribute it
3. perform their music in public
4. lend or rent it to the public
5. have their name on copies of the music
6. change it
7. broadcast music

If its not your music you must apply to the copyright owner.  As a licenced broadcaster we pay a fee to the radio platform to manage copyright infringements and it is a licence requirement for us to do so.


Contact Us
I've got a question...
K8-e (left) and Dawn Lee - Station Managers for We Love Hard House Radio

If you have a question, our Station Managers, are always happy to answer questions and receive comments/feedback.

Just contact us and Kate or Dawn will be in touch.


Contact Us
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