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We had a technical gremlin caused by a power supply issue which resulted in radio platform server to behave erratically at the start of Sarah G's set. Although the audio was fine, the set information displayed online was incorrect and there was a concern that the server would cause some issues if it wasn't reset.  We'd prefer that you enjoy each set fully so we agreed to a full system reboot on the basis Sarah's set could be re-start from the beginning. Everything now is working as it should.  Sarah's set will run in full and finish at 1030pm and Nick Rafferty's set will now start at 1030pm and finish at 0030am. 

Sorry for any inconvenience 
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This weekend...

We're raising money for the Terrence Higgins Trust. We're hosting the Pulse 20 Charity Online Reunion on Sunday from midday to midnight.  Everyone who donates will be entered in to a draw where the first name pulled will win a room for two at A Weekend Away At The Hard Disko Hotel.



Each set is played three times over its debut weekend, and then again a few weeks later. In such cases you'll see the REWIND logo on the player above and on the schedule information below.


Subject to approval from each of the DJs, we're planning on making many of the broadcast sets available for streaming, usually about four weeks after the set has debuted on We Love Hard House Radio.  This is a new feature and we hope to start having seta available sometime around mid-August.

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We've designed a program schedule that is as accessible to as many as possible by repeating shows on different days and times.  See schedule below for details.

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On Sunday 9th August...

    ...we’ll be broadcasting a very special twelve hour show. The Pulse 20 Charity Online Reunion, in association with Sundisential On Tour features sets from Andy Naylor, Chad Lewis, Rosco, DJ Sonique, Andy Farley, Sarah G and Nick Rafferty as we raise money for the Terrence Higgins Trust. Join us from midday on Saturday 9th August here on We Love Hard House Radio.

We’re raising as much money as possible for the Terrance Higgins Trust. To make a donation click the donate button. Everyone who makes a donation is in with a chance of winning a room for two at the sold out three nights Hard Disko event in October, where one room for two people will be offered as a prize through a name in the hat drawn on the day.
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Program Schedule and Information

Here is the latest schedule information for We Love Hard House Radio.  The schedule is being updated continually.  As a general guide, we broadcast each set three times over a weekend to give as many opportunities for to hear a particular set.  We broadcast on Thursday evenings from 1800-0000, Friday's from 1400-0200, Saturday and Sunday from 0800-0200.

This Weekend

Weekend Commencing Thursday 6th August 2020

Thursday 6 August 2020 at 6pm

Friday 7 August 2020 at 8pm

Saturday 8 August 2020 at 2pm

Friday 7 August 2020 at 2pm

Saturday 8 August 2020 at 8pm

Sunday 9 August 2020 at 10.50am

Sunday 9 August 2020
1200 - 1330 Chad Lewis*
1330 - 1500 Rosco*
1500 - 1600 Andy Farley*
1600 - 1730 Sonique 
1730 - 2000 Andy Naylor*
2030 - 2230 Sarah G 
2230 - 0030 Nick Rafferty

Sarah G and Nick Rafferty - these are revised set times

*Indicates set will also be available to watch live via Sundissential's Facebook page

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13th - 16th August 2020

Weekend Commencing Thursday 13 August 2020

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We Love Hard House are known for events that feature extended DJ sets.  The lock-down period is frustrating so we wanted to offer something in keeping with what we are known for that is easily accessible.  

Why don't you use Facebook Live for this?

A number of reasons.  Facebook Live has a habit of closing live feeds after any length of time which is frustrating for all concerned.  A six hour live feed would be nearly impossible to achieve via Facebook.  We also think that watching a DJ for six hours isn't practical - there is only a certain amount of improvisation a DJ can do when there is a camera on him or her constantly, its a very different environment to that of a packed dance-floor.  We've also been running a series of audio tests using the radio platform and the quality of sound has been consistently high.

Are the mixes live?

No. There are a number of hurdles (mainly technical) we'd need to overcome in order to broadcast live.   Many of the sets we'll broadcast will be recorded live (IE, not the result of a computer program) and have been produced specifically for We Love Hard House Radio. Putting a six hour set together with relatively short notice is a big ask and not always practical or possible, so there are some six hour shows that feature two or three sets from the same DJ.   Each program description will give an overview of the contents.

What happens after the lockdown rules are lifted?

The service is designed to compliment the live feeds etc that have sprung up as a result of the lock-down regulations.  Nobody knows for certainty any timescales.  We plan to remain online throughout the remaining time the regulations are in place.  There are no current plans to operate We Love Hard House Radio permanently.  

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Sunday 9th August 2020...

    ...we’ll be broadcasting a very special twelve hour show. The Pulse 20 Charity Online Reunion, in association with Sundisential On Tour features sets from Andy Naylor, Chad Lewis, Rosco, DJ Sonique, Andy Farley, Sarah G and Nick Rafferty as we raise money for the Terrence Higgins Trust. Join us from midday on Saturday 9th August here on We Love Hard House Radio.

We’re raising as much money as possible for the Terrance Higgins Trust. To make a donation click the donate button. Everyone who makes a donation is in with a chance of winning a room for two at the sold out three nights Hard Disko event in October, where one room for two people will be offered as a prize through a name in the hat drawn on the day.

DJ Profiles

Andy Farley
Andy Naylor
Chad Lewis
Nick Rafferty
Sarah G

​CHAD LEWIS - Set time: 1200 - 1330

It's hard to believe that Chad has been DJ’ing now for nearly 30 years, and started DJ'ing at the tender age of just 15, and in the late great Tony de Vit's own words "The most naturally gifted DJ I have ever seen or heard", but here we are, so in Chad's own words let's hear a bit about Chad's start to his own DJ journey. 

"Ive always been passionate about music but it was quite accidental really how I got inti DJing, My friend needed cash so he sold me his dodgy belt drive decks and a makeshift camera mixer that I managed to get to grips with and instantly fell in love with the concept of being able to mix all my favourite tracks together and create something so I never looked back from that day on".

"I practiced for a year every hour of everyday and then one night my big bro decided to take me to tin tins in Birmingham even though I had only just turned 16! The music and atmosphere hit me like nothing ever had and I was hooked on the underground sound of 90’s from there on. I said to all my friends that same week that I would work my arse off doing mixtapes until Tin tins gave me a set and I did".

"I drove them mad with tapes until they put me on one week just to shut me up! That night changes my life... there I was playing my set to the staff and a few clubbers that had been allowed to stop back and who should walk in but my idol, Tony De Vit".

"I was obviously a nervous wreck but I soldiered on and Tony came up to me behind the decks and said" well done you have a technical gift and an ear for music" so that spurred me on".

"Tony then gave me his headphones to keep and said"play some of my records out my box".

"I was absolutely gobsmacked and did just that and from that day on we became friends and he mentored me and helped me and soon I was securing gigs at the likes of SLAG, CRUNCH, WEST END BAR, GENESIS, MARCO POLOS and many others and of course TIN TINS my first love". 

"From there on I enjoyed a career that spanned 20+ playing all over the U.K. at the likes of Ministry of Sound, Gatecrasher, Progress, Hotdog, Naughty but Nice, Mezzanine, Sundissental,etc plus various residencies in Ibiza each year and all in between".

"In later years I decided to do the residency thing and did Subway City for 4 years, followed by DV8 For 10 years up until 2007 and since then I’ve had a family to take care of and business to run but always kept my hand in as music is and always will be my first love".

For this event Chad will be playing a Two hour S.L.A.G tribute set, to the one and only "Black Pat" who helped Chad so much in his early DJ carrer.

Chad has also done us a short mix to get our taste buds ready for the main event:
Chad Lewis on Soundcloud
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​ROSCO - Set time: 1330 - 1500

Once compared to Tony De Vit & Lisa Lashes by Ministry Magazine, Pulse regular Rosco became a Trade Resident DJ in 2001 after performing at Sundissential North. 

During his residency at Trade, Rosco hosted The Trade Experience Radio Show on Ministry of Sound Radio and held consecutive residencies at Trade London @ Turnmills, Trade Ibiza @ Privilege, Trade Los Angeles @ Avalon, and Trade Paris @ Queen on the Champs Elysee.

Recently Rosco was featured on Carl Cox's Global Podcast and during it’s inception he was one of the first resident DJs for EGG London after completing a season at Manumission Ibiza for Trade.

Blending elements of rave, pumping house, techno, hard house & ethereal elements, Rosco’s vinyl only ‘jouney’ sets are legendary.

Club O/D Japan hosted a three city tour & a 5hr one off evening dedicated to Rosco’s sound.

Guest appearances include: Godskitchen, Space Ibiza, Sundissential & The Gallery.

Rosco is one of the only DJs to have the honour of playing every time slot in both the Main Room & Lite Lounge at Trade.

After 25 decadent years of nightlife domination akin to Berhain with a hint of Studio 54, Trade held it’s final party at EGG London 2015. Rosco played an epic last set, which you can listen to here:
Rosco on Soundcloud
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​ANDY FARLEY​ - Set time: 1500 - 1600

Andy"Farmer" Farley will be playing a Pulse classic set, 1996-2000. 

Ask any hard-house clubber to name a DJ that epitomises the hard-dance scene and the chances are they will suggest Andy Farley. In a career that spans 29 years, this hard-house legend has played more sets, to more clubbers than pretty much any other hard-house DJ.

Andy’s DJing roots can be traced back to 1986 where he started playing a few soul and R&B sets, but in 1987 he met Tony De Vit, the DJ and producer many credit for inventing the hard-house genre that made after-hours and under-ground Trade club famous. Immediately Andy became passionate about house music leading into hard-house and quickly earned a reputation as being a maestro in the genre that soon gave birth to brands such as Nukleuz, Sundissential, Frantic and Vicious Circle. �

Bookings up and down the UK were then followed by headline appearances across the globe, from the party island of Ibiza to gigs as far as Australia and New Zealand.

In the studio, Andy’s production back-catalogue totals over 140 tracks, not to mention the 40 or so remixes of other tracks. Add this to various commercially available mixed compilation albums such as live recordings of his draw-dropping Tidy Weekender sets, to his History of Hard House album, a picture emerges of how integral to the hard-house scene Andy is.  In 2010 he played his first ever Pure Andy Farley set, a six hour solo set that has evolved to become a ten hour set, on vinyl (he has over 50,000 pieces of vinyl to choose from). The annual event is now one of the most important on the hard-house scene and each one sells out. The most recent Pure Andy Farley event was attended by many hard-house DJs, promoters and producers; such is the importance of the event.
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​DJ ​SONIQUE - Set time: 1600 - 1730

Born as Sonia Clarke in North London’s Crouch End, England on June 21st, 1968 and also raised there. Sonique’s formative years were infused with the sounds of her mums’s record collection. Every Sunday the house would be filled with the sounds of Marvin Gaye, Roberta Flack, Gladys Knight, Otis Redding and Denice Williams. “That was the day for loud music, cleaning and nice-smelling food being cooked”, she recalls fondly. However, it was her own discovery that was most meaningful. “Music is something you’re born with,” says Sonique. “I’ve always had this thing in me. The first record I bought was Donna Summer’s «I Feel Love», and that was the beginning of my life and my musical experience. It reached a part of me other things didn’t reach. I had known then that this is the music I like and I never left” she recalls. But had things been different one defining day during Sonique’s teenage years, we may never have heard her own music at all. From the age of six, little Sonia had serious designs on the world of professional athletics. Still in possession of a superfit physique, Sonique explains: “I dreamed of being the world’s best pentathlete. Trained every single day. I guess I was pretty obsessed.” But, at the age of 15, all that came to an abrupt halt: “I came second in a race”, she says matter-of-factly. “Wasn’t used to losing.” Which pretty much sums up Sonique’s life philosophy: Be the best or don’t bother. With her music career, she’s certainly put that theory into practice.

At the age of 17, a youth-worker told Sonique she had a beautiful voice, it was natural to apply her characteristic. A few months later, circumstances conspired against her and she wound up homeless, surviving on crisps and sleeping on mates’ floors and – when those ran out – the streets. “That made me realise life wasn’t a joke – I could have died on the street.” She figured it was time to take things more seriously and, with Fari disbanded, promptly went about getting herself a record deal.


Sonique’s career as a recording artist began when she was signed to cooltempodetermination to making music instead. She had joined a reggae band called Fari which did more than hone her singing skills. “I thought they’d already have some tunes for me to sing”, Sonique laughs at the memory, “but, when I turned up the first day, the rest of the band were like, ‘So – brought some songs?’ They hadn’t written a note between them!” Cue a crash course for Sonique in song-writing. The band was also what kept her going through what was to turn into one of the toughest periods of Sonique’s life. Her mum had just returned to her native Trinidad to re-marry. Being the eldest of three with no father figure around, Sonique thought she’d already learned to look after herself and insisted on staying behind. Records while still a teenager, resulting in an immediate club hit with «Let Me Hold You». The record entered the top 25 in the UK dance charts without any promotion. It was Ernie McKone, an old school-friend with connections to the music industry, who offered to write with her this song. Later, on Bass-O-Matic’s debut album Sonique earned a credit for the track «Zombie Mantra». She began writing more songs and was put in touch with Tim Simenon (Bomb The Bass). They recorded some tracks together but, before they could even be released, his mate, a certain Mark Moore, poached her for his own project. However, it was both as the singer and a songwriter for Mark Moore’s S’Express that Sonique first entered the limelight, featuring on the minor hits «Nothing to lose» and «Find ’em, Fool ’em, Forget ’em» in 1990 and 1992, respectively. “S..Express needed a singer and a songwriter, so I was asked to collaborate on the album «Intercourse», and I created my own style and identity,” she says. “I didn’t realize what was happening, but I was proving myself. S’Express taught me I could command a stage and from Mark I really learned how to write – he’s a very clever songwriter.” But, after finishing this project, Sonique decided to go it alone. “I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted people to look at me, listen to me, feel me, relate to what I was doing – every- thing.” It was Mark Moore who gave her the first turntables and a mixer too.


“It was about taking control of my life. A lot people wanted me to sing for them but I wanted to do my own thing and when I saw Mark DJ-ing, I thought it looked so cool and decided, ‘I want some of that.’ And you know what? I was dreadful!” But, in true Sonique style, that was no deterrent. With the same determination and precision that she applied to earlier achievements as an athlete, Sonique trained to be a DJ for a full three years at home before stepping out in 1994. “I’d seen him do it so I knew it was physically possible”, she grins. “I knew I had to be really good as soon as I started. I am a woman, and I felt people were waiting to laugh at a woman who made mistakes. They wanted to see what I’d do next. Then I broke all records for the rate of success as a DJ. I was pulling in the crowd, making everybody dance. The party would turn into something else.” To get work in the highly competitive DJ world, she’d tell bookers about her singing ability. Singing and DJ-ing and being a woman was quite a sensation at the time. “I knew once they’d heard and seen me, they’d want more.” And she was right. Sonique has since made her mark as a DJ, partly helped by her unique improvised singing over her own uptempo House sets at clubs such as Cream in Liverpool, Gatecrasher in Sheffield, and Manumission in Ibiza (where she was a resident DJ from 1997 – 1999), but also in Germany, USA, Singapore, Hongkong, Jamaica, Australia, Italy and Norway. This connection with global music fans strengthened her own understanding of what people like and how it affects them. “In England the pop records start at the clubs,” she explains. “You hear the mix in the clubs first. Being a DJ helps me to see what people want when they go out partying.” Sonique’s unique skills are spellbound on a number of UK compilations, including “Introspective of House”, “Third Dimension” (both 1997), “Fantazia British Anthems & Summertime” (1998) and the Serious/Virgin release entitled “Serious Sounds of Sonique” (February 2000). The latest pearl in this chain is the double CD “DJ Sonique – Club Mix” (out since July 9, 2001). Sonique provided half-an-hour hot mixes on Pete Tong’s show on BBC Radio One. She has had the “Full Frontal” show on KISS FM and Skyline Radio London broadcasted live DJ and vocal sets of Sonique.


In the meantime Sonique enjoyed two club and dance music chart hits with “I Put A Spell On You” and “It Feels So Good” on Manifesto Records. “Spell ” was originally released in the UK in June 1998 and peaked at 36 in the official single charts while “It Feels So Good”, charted in December the same year, climbed up to 24. The track has grown to a mainstream hit in the US, breaking into the national Top 10, and belatedly gave her a UK chart-topper in May 2000. On its first week of release it sold 195,000 copies, compared with the 32,000 total of the first time around. Across the pond in the US a club DJ in Tampa, Florida began spinning her song from an import 12″ before several other clubs in the US joined in. This led to explosive requests for the song at radio and retail, so Republic Records jumped in and signed Sonique right away. Pushed by the tremendous success of this single she finished her debut solo album “Hear my cry” in 2000, which spawned the next single release “Sky” – another excellent example of Sonique’s talent for writing crowd-pleasing anthems. The record debuted at its peak at 2 in the UK single charts in September, followed by the re-release of “I Put A Spell On You” which peaked at 8 in November 2000. “Hear my cry” went on to become the UK’s 42nd best selling album in 2000 – while the single “It Feels So Good” became the 3rd best seller in 2000. “Sky” and “I Put A Spell On You” became 70th respectively 179th best seller in the UK the same year. Her debut album has now sold over half a million albums in the UK alone. Furthermore Sonique was recognised by the Guinness Book Of Records as the first female solo artist to be 1 for 3 consecutive weeks – the first in 22 years since Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights” in 1978. With these successful single releases and a UK top ten album in her hand, Sonique topped other respectable nominees like Dido, Jamelia, PJ Harvey and Sade at the Brit Awards 2001 to win the honour as Best British Female Solo Artist.
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ANDY ​NAYLOR - Set time: 1730 - 2000

Andy first hit the decks back in 1996 teaching himself to mix with D&B and jump up jungle..

In 1997 he had found the infamous Midlands club Passion, as well as Sundissential @ Pulse. 

Being on the best dancefloors at the birth of the hard house scene has given Andy an enviable insight into musical tastes and structuring DJ sets to truly get the club in a party mood.

By 1998/99 Andy was a regular on the HH circuit hand secured his first major residency at the mighty Sheffield club INSOMNIACZ playing at every venue they opened at! 

Along with a monthly residency at the legendary Leicester night FORBIDDEN. 

Now, after a 15 year break Andy has returned to pick up where he left off. 

Already sealing the only residency for the OFFICIAL PULSE reunion parties in Birmingham. 

Andy’s all set to once again tear up dance floors across the UK with his electric style of high energy, bassline driven, often euphoric and always memorable sets…

Current residencies:
OFFICIAL PULSE reunion parties in Birmingham. 
Keeping Hard House Alive LIVE STREAMS 
Global Hard House LIVE STREAMS

With tracks previously released on the famous 12 inch THUMPERS label, Andy has already returned to the studio to bring about his own distinctive sound to the ears of discerning HH fans. 

UK wide guest and headliner sets including:

Smile, Vauxhall, London 
MILK,  London 
Fully charged, The Fez club, Hull 
Aftersessential, Birmingham
The Glass House, Leeds 
Burton for Certain, Burton on Trent 
Fidget, Junction 5, Coventry 
The Adelphi, Sheffield.
Nocturnal, Leicester 
Official PULSE reunion, Birmingham 
Uprising, NCPM 
Sunday School, Birmingham 
Recycle. Hidden 
4play, Soho 
Air, Birmingham 
Sanctuary, Birmingham
Chemical, Weavers 
Headcharge, The Arches, Sheffield

Please find below Andys Mixcloud account, with loads of fresh mixes to get your teeth into:
Andy Naylor on Mixcloud
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​SARAH G​ - Set time: 2000 - 2200

Pulse resident DJ Sarah Gee has racked up 21 years of professional DJ experience, performing around the world under a variety of guises, covering a massive range of genres with enviable expertise.

She has played in almost 30 different countries with numerous international appearances and tours across Asia, Europe, Russia, Australia and America.

Rocked UK and International dancefloors in over 25 different countries during a career spanning 21 years in the dance music industry.

She became particularly well-known for her hard but happy music styles and fierce roof raising trance in the Sundissental, Funkissential, Bakers, Peach, Golden, Progress, Hotdog and Gatecrasher era.

Holding major residencies at the mighty Birmingham club Sundissential playing at every venue they opened at! 

Along with a monthly residency at the Leicester night FORBIDDEN, to name but a few. 

Other clubs began to snap up her late night / early morning sets including Hotdog - Leciester, Bubble Love - Leciester,  Progress - Derby,  Aftersessential - Birmingham,   Republica - Birmingham, Bakers - Birmingham, Blue - Birmingham, Oxygen - Edinburgh 

“I refuse to be confined, to playing one style of music. Music is freedom and passion – it should have no limits.”
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​NICK RAFFERTY - Set time: 2200 - 0000

“Excuse me, but how good was Sundissential’s Nick Rafferty last month..? He had the whole place absolutely rocking!”  - Dan Prince, Mixmag Club Country

It was late in 1995 when a young Nick Rafferty realised he would have to finish his pro-golfing career to pursue his true love of DJ’ing and house music. Having produced demos on a pair of crumbling old decks, Nick was lucky enough to quickly establish a regular slot at the West End bar in Birmingham.

Nick rapidly gained an impressive reputation around the west midlands. When the now legendary Sundissential club night at Pulse started it was only natural that Nick should become one of the club’s s resident DJ's alongside the great Tony De Vit. Playing with Tony and the other Sundissential ‘big names’ taught Nick a tremendous amount about the skills of a top DJ. Right now he refuses to stay stagnant and become pigeon holed. He’s always looking to push new styles and sounds in both his production & DJ’ing. This has enabled him to develop his own style to the point that he is in demand across the whole country and the globe. Playing some fantastic events including Godskitchen in Shanghai, Slinky in Ibiza, resident for Cream at BCM in Majorca and the incredible Sunburn Festival in Goa. 
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