We've just unwrapped more features for our VIP Club Members

If you provide us with your email address as a means to receive new event announcements, details of special offers and updates from us, you instantly qualify to become a member of our VIP Club.  It is in fact the only way to become a VIP Club member.   In an age where social media is so saturated with with announcements and littered with "targeted promotional messages" sent to us based on what we have searched for online, we found that more and more customers were not receiving or being made aware of events. 

We also accept that customers are nervous of their personal data being used by a third party without giving consent.

For us, we treat any personal data received in the same way we'd hope our data would be treated with some degree of respect.   We never sell, lend, hire, share any customer data.  Its not our data, its yours.  We only send emails with content that relates to us and we never send more than one email a week (an email once a month is more the norm).   The VIP Club is an important part of our business and nicely reduces our reliance on social media.

Membership is free and the benefits of being a member are continually evolving.   For example,  for events that are announced  from March onward s VIP Club Members will have priority access to tickets at least 24 hours before anyone else.  There are some limitations, VIP Club Members can only purchase a maximum of two tickets per event and one of those tickets must be used by the VIP Club Member.


Membership to the We Love Hard House VIP Club is free. We don't share our customer database with anyone. You are free to unsubscribe at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe button.