Useful Information for A Weekend Away With.... Eastbourne 2/3 night events

If you've not been to one of our 2/3 night events at West Rocks, Eastbourne, you've probably got some questions about what to expect and what is provided. Below is some information which we've put together for you.  So you can get the most out of the weekend were recommend reading each point but for quick reference use the QUICK LINKS menu to find what you're looking for. 

House Keeping

Your room will be cleaned and ready for you when you arrive at the hotel. Given the fact that we have arranged DJs to entertain you until 4am on Friday and Saturday nights we figure the last thing you'd appreciate is the wrong sort of Hoover noise disturbing you. We have agreed with the hotel that your rooms will not be serviced during your stay allowing you privacy from check-in to check-out.privacy from check-in to check-out.privacy from check-in to check-out.

Clean Room On Departure Policy

As the hotel have agreed for house-keeping to only service your rooms after your departure, in return they have asked us to ensure the rooms are left in a relatively tidy state; specifically we ask you to remove any rubbish from your rooms using the bin liners provided. The lift between floors is small and any amount of rubbish adds massively to the house-keepers work-load (effectively they have to take rubbish down to the lower ground floor room by room, with 48 rooms to clear that's 48 trips down stairs and 48 trips back). The hotel will levy a charge for excessive amounts of rubbish left in a room, and (like many hotels) they reserve the right to charge for additional cleaning where there has been significant staining of carpets or upholstery

Fresh Towels

We would like you to enjoy a freshly laundered towel each day so in the absence of house-keeping we have arranged a towel exchange for you. When you have used the towels supplied in your room, please take them to reception where you will be able to exchange them for fresh ones. Note that the hotel will only exchange towels they have originally supplied!

En-Suite Facilities

Every room has private en-suite facilities which comprises of a toilet, wash basin and shower as a minimum. Some rooms also have a bath. A limited number of complimentary toiletries (shampoo, shower gel) are provided, as are bath towels (see above).

Hair Dryers

Each room has a vanity table with mirror and an electrical plug close by for hair-dryers and tongs.  The hotel reception can lend you a hair-dryer.  Should you use curling tongs please bring your own and use them with caution, they must never be left on whilst unattended.

Laundry Facilities

There is a launderette which is just nine minutes walk from the hotel - Rainbow Laundrette is at 47 Seaside Rd, Eastbourne BN21 3PL and is open from 8:30am to 5:30pm on weekdays, Saturday from 9am to 5:30pm and Sunday from 9am until 3pm. Telephone 01323 646 418. 

Iron / Ironing Board

The hotel can lend you one of their irons and ironing boards.  Please contact reception.  We ask that you return the iron and ironing board as soon as you have used it so it is available for others to use.

Tea and Coffee Making Facilities

Each room has a kettle and cups with a supply of tea, coffee,  sugar and milk.  These would normally be re-replenished by the house-keeping team but as we have asked them not to service your rooms you are welcome to ask for additional supplies from reception as and when you need to.

Hotel Keys

It is normal procedure for us to issue you with one key per room regardless of number of occupants.  If you require more than one please just ask.  If you are prone to losing things then you are welcome to hand your key into reception when you are not using your room.  Equally you can keep your key all weekend and return it on check-out.

Noise Curfew

There is no formal noise curfew in place and you are welcome to play music in your rooms.  We do ask that you consider your neighbours either side of you and also those who may be in rooms immediately above and below you.  If a member of the promotions or hotel team asks you to turn the music down we ask you to respect the request and understand that such a request would only be made for the benefit and comfort of the majority.  

Pet Friendly Rooms

A small number of rooms are designated pet friendly.  In response to requests we are able to offer these rooms to those who may wish to bring their dog for a nominal fee.  There are conditions in place and each request is subject to the pre-approval of the hotel. CLICK HERE for more information.  If you are dog-phobic then please be assured that dogs have to be on a lead whilst in restricted public areas of the hotel, they are prohibited from entering the dining and entertaining areas and the offer is restricted to a small number of small and medium size breeds.  Each pet friendly room is, as with all guest rooms, thoroughly cleaned between bookings.

Safe Deposit Box

We ask you not to bring items of significant value (such as precious jewellery, expensive gadgets etc).  The hotel does have a small safe deposit box at reception for small items / cash with a value no greater than £1000. 


The hotel is closed to the general public for our events.  For added re-assurance the hotel has CCTV throughout and we employ the services of a security firm who are there to protect you and the hotel.  If you see something that is of concern please bring it to the attention of security or a member of the events/hotel team. 


When you check in you will be provided with a lanyard that is personalised to you.  When not in your room, please ensure that you wear your lanyard and that it is clearly visible.  Although we are a small team, there are different staff shifts throughout the weekend and wearing your lanyard quickly identifies you to them as a bona-fide hotel resident.  If you lose your lanyard you must immediately report the loss to reception.  If you see someone in the hotel that does not have a lanyard please make them known to a member of the hotel or events team for follow-up.  You are free to come and go from the hotel throughout the weekend but please take your lanyard and be ready to show it on your return.  Your lanyard is yours to keep after the event if you wish to.

Dress Code

There is no dress code and you are welcome to wear what ever makes you feel comfortable (within a degree of reason!).  The pop-up nightclub in the basement can sometimes get quite warm and you may prefer to wear shorts and t-shirts rather than jeans and jumpers!


Its all too easy to get carried away with partying hard and skip the occasional meal.  A key part of our events is that we do our best to ensure you are looked after and we urge you to make use of the extended breakfast hours we have specially arranged for these events.  Breakfast is severed from 9am to 11.30am on Saturday, Sunday and (for three night events) on Monday morning from 8am to 10am.  The buffet help your self breakfast has something for everyone and includes fresh fruit, yogurt and cereal to full English breakfast.  You are welcome to take breakfast back to your room if you prefer. 

Evening Meal

On Friday and Saturday evenings we provide a hot buffet style meal which will have a meat and vegetarian option.  Usually these are served on the ground floor from about 7.30pm.  If you have a particular dietary intolerance please let us know at least 72 hours before you check in.  We will do our best to accommodate your request but please be aware the hotel's kitchen prepares a wide range of dishes which will occasionally include nuts and dairy products.

Check-in from 2pm
(Club Class Rooms - check-in from 11am)

Each weekend's check-in time is from 2pm on Friday afternoon when we hope to have your rooms ready.  You are welcome to arrive at the hotel before 2pm and leave your luggage whilst you explore the local area or make use of the hotel bar.  Although the official check-out time is 11am on the day of departure, (2pm for Club Class Rooms). The principal booker for your booking will be send a link to the check-in page for your event about a month the weekend.  Every guest is required to complete a check-in form.  By doing this in advance will greatly increase the speed at which you can get to your room on arrival.(2pm for Club Class Rooms). The principal booker for your booking will be send a link to the check-in page for your event about a month the weekend.  Every guest is required to complete a check-in form.  By doing this in advance will greatly increase the speed at which you can get to your room on arrival.(2pm for Club Class Rooms). The principal booker for your booking will be send a link to the check-in page for your event about a month the weekend.  Every guest is required to complete a check-in form.  By doing this in advance will greatly increase the speed at which you can get to your room on arrival.

Remember To Bring ID

Each person that attends our A Weekend Away... events in Eastbourne must bring with them a form of ID.  We can accept a utility bill and credit or debit card.  If you are lucky enough to look younger than 25 you should bring a form of photographic ID and be prepared for interrogation on your secrets for youthful looks.  If you prefer not to bring a photographic ID we are happy to accept a scanned copy if emailed to us 72 hours beforehand, and bring with you our written confirmation that your scan has been received. Use the form below to submitted scanned ID documents.

Medical Questionnaire

During check-in you will be asked to complete a short medical questionnaire.  We will ask you if you have any medical conditions that a first aider or medical professional would benefit from knowing in the case of an emergency.  It will also ask for details of any regular medication you are taking and for details of someone that is not attending the event who can be contacted in case of emergency.  You are not obliged to disclose information if you prefer not to however having this information could prove to be very beneficial should the need arise.  This information is destroyed after the event. 

Late Arrivals

You are welcome to check-in at any point during the weekend, your room won't be re-allocated so don't worry about that if you are delayed on your way to Eastbourne. If you are likely to arrive after midnight it would be useful for us to know so we can alert the night security.   Please call 0844 884 3227  - ignore the menu options and press option 4 which is not announced as an option.  Your call will route through to an events team member who will be at the hotel.  Note this option is only available from 9am on the Friday of each event until noon on Monday. 

Switching between GMT and BST

If the weekend you are attending is when clocks are adjusted for day-light saving, DJ set times will reflect the time which is at the start of the evening until an hour after the end last set.  For example, when clocks go back at the end of October, we will observe GMT from 5am (which becomes 4am). 

Set Times and Itinerary / Event Schedule

We plan the detail of each weekend many months in advance, this helps ensure that there is sensible progression across each day/evening.  Invariably there may be some last minute changes or alterations for a number of reasons, we will do our best to let you know as soon as we are aware.   As a general guide Friday and Saturday evenings will close at 4am.  For three day events Sunday sets start early afternoon and finish around 6pm.  The timings are based on our experience from previous weekends and takes into account the intimate nature of these events.

Accepted Forms Of Payment

The hotel (and its bar) accepts sterling cash (not Euro's) and major debit and credit cards except American Express.  We do not take a damage deposit on check-in.  We don't allow tabs or drinks to be charged to your room as invariably its not possible to reasonably investigate miss-charges whilst everyone checks out at the same time.  The hotel does not have a cash-point but our staff will point you in the right direction should you need to withdraw cash. Subject to availability it may be possible to have limited cash-back at the hotel bar or reception, please ask if this is available during your stay.

No Smoking / No Vaping

In line with UK legislation it is forbidden to smoke in any part of the hotel including guest rooms.  There are designated outside smoking areas.  Where there is evidence of smoking in bedrooms the occupants will be invoiced £500 for deep cleaning.  The hotel has sensitive smoke detectors and in addition to cigarette smoke, e-cigarette vape can trigger the alarms.  Therefore the use of e-cigarettes is restricted to the external smoking areas.

Hotel Bar

The hotel has a bar for residents and prices are broadly in-line with regional pubs (IE, not inflated and not London prices).  The hotel is not tied to a particular brewery and will usually have a choice of various types of beer, cider, spirits and wine.  If you have a particular favourite drink/brand please use the form below so we can let the hotel know as they will endeavour to have what you prefer in stock if practically possible.  Please drink in moderation and should the bar staff suggest you switch to a soft drink once in a while, do not take offence, this is them looking after your interests as much as anything else.  The hotel may, at their discretion, refuse to serve you alcohol and we ask you to respect this if the need arises.

Alcohol Not Purchased From The Hotel Bar

If you wish to bring alcohol to the event you are welcome to do so as long as it is for your own consumption, not for re-sale and only consumed in your rooms.  Licence restrictions prohibit the consumption of alcohol not purchased from the hotel bar in the hotels public areas.  We have an excellent relationship with the hotel and we ask for your help in maintaining that by respecting the surroundings and staff.  Alcohol spilt on bedroom carpet requires deep cleaning and bedrooms shouldn't resemble bottle banks when you check-out.  There are no mini-bars in the rooms to chill drinks and the bar is unable to supply ice as the ice-machine is only designed to produce the quantity usually required for a bar of that size - ice is reserved for those purchasing drinks from the bar.

Lasers and Strobe Lighting

We hire in state of the art equipment for each of our events and employ a specialist sound engineer and a trained lighting operator who is licensed to use lasers and strobe lighting.  We also carry out a full risk assessment prior to each event and submit a report to the hotel management.  If you are sensitive to strobe lighting it is important that we are aware before you arrive at the hotel as we will inform the lighting operator not to use strobe effects. Please use the form below

Disabled / physically impaired

The hotel comprises of three large Georgian town houses that have been knocked through to create the West Rocks at a time when wheelchair access wasn't considered.  Although most parts of the hotel are wheelchair accessible there are some guest rooms that are not.  With this in mind we need to know in advance if you have a disability so that we can allocate accessible accommodation and offer assistance during your stay.  There are wheelchair accessible rooms and a lift to all floors.  The lift is old and can't accommodate large motorised wheelchairs but there are ramps from street level that give access to the pop-up nightclub, dining areas and accessible guest rooms.  Please use the form below.

Free Wi-Fi

There is free Wi-Fi available throughout the hotel.  The WiFi code is detailed in the Useful Information leaflet relevant to the weekend which will be in your room when you check-in

Extend Your Stay

If you wish to arrive a day before or leave a day after the event please contact us on 0844 884 3227 (option 2).  Subject to availability we may be able to extend your stay at a specially discounted rate exclusive for customers. 


There is usually plenty of on street parking next to the hotel.  Parking controls are in place everyday including Sunday's from 8am until 6.30pm.  Please park in H Zone spaces (which are marked) but be aware there also resident and disabled bays which are not immediately obvious. Double check when you park and if in any doubt ask a member of the team when you arrive.  The hotel is able sell you special permits which are £1 for each day and considerably cheaper than buying a ticket from the machines.

Public Transport

There are fast trains from London (Victoria) and Gatwick to Eastbourne and the hotel is not far from the main station at Eastbourne (about 15 mins walk or a £5 taxi ride).   Be aware that trains from London Victoria to Eastbourne split in two at Haywards Heath.  Check signs in the windows of the train which will tell you which carriages are going to Eastbourne.  As a general rule, the earlier you book, the cheaper the train fares are. 

How To Find The Hotel

The hotel is easy to find.  CLICK HERE for Google Maps. If you are driving, set your SatNav to BN21 4DL.

Who is in charge?

The events are a joint venture between West Rocks Hotel and - between us we are jointly responsible for delivering the weekends. supply the DJs and of course the clubbers, the hotel takes care of accommodation.  The events team and the hotel management and staff have an excellent working relationship and we are motivated by maintaining our reputation.  If there is something that doesn't meet your expectations, no matter how insignificant, please bring it to our attention.  There is always a member of staff from either the hotel or events team on duty at any time during the weekend.  We'd much prefer you to tell us if there is something not quite right so we have an opportunity to address it there and then.

Something Not Covered Here?

Please feel free to ask us anything that we have not covered above.  The form below should also be used to alert us to any special requirements you may have/