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When we announce new events, our VIP Club members are the first to hear.  We'll then advertise the event on Facebook and link to the Facebook event page from the We Love Hard House page and we'll publish the event on our website. As a general rule there is usually 72 hours between when we first announce the event to when the event goes on-sale.

One comment we receive frequently, sometimes weeks if not months after an event announcement, is "I didn't know about the event" and one of the regular suggestions is for us to send a SMS when new events are announced.  We've been looking into ways of doing this and have come up with this, NEW EVENTS ALERTS service. We're going to be evaluating the service over the coming months with a view to making it a part of our VIP Club.  Today, anyone can join and its FREE.

How it works:

1. Register your details below

2. We'll send you a text to confirm registration

3. We'll send you a text when a new event is announced

4. We'll send you a second text approx one hour before the event goes on sale

For each new event we'll send you two text messages via SMS - the first to announce the event
The second text approximately one hour before the event goes on sale

Good To Know

The NEW EVENT ALERTS service is a trial and offered for free in good faith.  Registration does not guarantee you'll be able to secure a place at the announced event.

We Love Hard House will send two alerts per event; the first to announce a new event and. when it will be on sale; the second message will be a reminder SMS approximately one hour before the event goes on sale. 

We Love Hard House uses a third party platform provided by Click Send - specialists in bulk message delivery and consumer self service automation for opt-in and opt out functions.  Data to facilitate our NEW EVENT ALERT service is held on secure Click Send servers but can only be accessed by We Love Hard House. 

NEW EVENT ALERT is free.  However some mobile networks, particularly those which are non-UK based, may charge a SMS delivery fee.  The bill payer in such cases is liable for any additional fees levied by their network operator.

We Love Hard House does not share customer data with entities who use such data for promotional activities.

You can unsubscribe at any time.

The NEW ALERT SERVICE can be withdrawn at any time with or without notice

Comments, suggestions or feedback?

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback on this new service the please contact us.



To cancel the service send STOP ALERTto +447418344822

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