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Want to hear Craig Jones´ Trance Classics set from this years A Weekend Away With Andy Farley?

Our Photographer Wendy has her own Exhibition!

wo0 Photography Exhibition

Our charismatic events photographer Woo does more than just pop in and out of clubs taking pics. She is talented professional photographer.

Woo has her first ever photographic exhibition this month where she will have on display some of her street and portrait work.

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Planes, trains, automobiles (and a Bedford Bus)

We usually give away branded stickers (and other goodies) at our Pure events

Train engines, numerous cars, vans and lorries, a ride-on lawn-mower and a cross-channel ferry are some examples of where our stickers end up.

Thank you for spreading the word, and for sending us pics to prove it!

And The Winner Is...

This years competition to win a day in the studio with Andy Farley has a winner. Congratulations to...


2017 Winner - Pat Kelly

The quantity and standard of submissions was again very high. Ben Stevens, who will help engineer the track and bring the idea to life, said that seeing so much enthusiasm made the job of picking just one winner harder. “There were a lot of really good ideas, original ideas, that I could hear in my head working. Andy, meanwhile said that it was interesting to note the vast majority of submissions leaned towards a more classic sort of feel. “Pretty much every entry listed at least one early hard-house track as a source of inspiration”

Referring to the winner, Andy said “we particularly liked Pats entry because his definition of how a hard-house track should sound took into account different elements and considerations and the tracks he selected as inspiration are tracks are a little more obscure but also great tracks. Again the standard was really impressive and each entry had scope for something.”

When we told Pat the good news he described being “dumbfounded” and being “lost for words” which we understand is very unlike him. A studio date has been booked and then the track will then be pressed on to vinyl for Andy to play at this years Pure Andy Farley event on 11 November at XOYO. Pat then gets to keep the vinyl and the track will get an official release via Vicious Circle next Spring/Summer time.

We will be running this competition again next year. For all those that entered this year, thank you and please try again next year.

To nominate your favourite BK tracks CLICK HERE is where you can book some of the biggest and best hard house DJs - CLICK HERE to see the new website

Sounds like its time to mix around the clouds

Its always sad to hear when a company has to lay off staff, this week we learn that SoundCloud has fired 173 employees and closed their San Francisco and London offices as it aparently fights for financial survival. Soundcloud has been an integral part of the way promotors and DJs distribute mixes for nearly 10 years. Read more...

We Love Hard Hush - Sat 22 July 2017

Event Postponed

We´re sorry and disapointerd to advise that We Love Hard Hush in Brighton on Sat 22 July has been postponed. More...

Happy Pride Weekend.

Great track bekow. If you watch the video please do not expect a story line or a killer plot, just lots of hard house love moving around with the odd special effect.

Our Digital Download Store is now OPEN

You can now purchase tracks released through our own label from our own website. The technology is courtesy of our friends at ToolBoxDigitalShop so you know that you are in good hands with your transaction.

CLICK HERE to go shopping!

Out Now -

James Devlin / Jamie Haig "Silver Dagger" - Part One

Our first release is a collaboration between Irish based producer James Devlin and our own Jamie Haig.

Silver Dagger is a mid-tempo hard house track with distinctive euphoric riff and driving bassline. Building subtly, this track is perfect for peak time sets.

This release comes in two parts with two mixes each. Part One has the original more euphoric mix and a tougher more driving remix courtesy of Andy Farley and Frank Farrell.

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We Love The Sounds Of Hard House

Powered by our friends at Toolbox Digital Shop we're excited to launch our own release label - We Love The Sounds Of Hard House. The label has an exciting release schedule over the coming months, with artist and production credits including the likes of Andy Farley, Frank Farrell, Tim Clewz, Ben Stevens, to name just a few.

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We're having Sumnmer Party with our friends Hard Hush!

We're heading to Brighton in July for a party with our friends at Hard Hush. CLICK HERE for more info

A Weekend Away With... Customer Portal Now Live

Customers who book one of our weekend events can now access their Booking Confirmation, check details of balance amounts and also see payment due dates via our new portal. The portal has been undergoing testing over the last few weeks and has been independently audited to verify that customer details are secure.

The portal represents part of a computerised system that will link us with and the West Rocks Hotel to offer a seamless and automated booking system. It will also help us get round the frustrations of emails our landing in customers spam or junk folders.

From 2018, instead of emailing Booking Confirmations, they will be available online. If you have booked A Weekend Away this year (A Vicious Weekend Away With Ben Stevens or A Weekend Away At The Hard Disko Hotel) you can now see your booking confirmation online.

Look out for an email from us inviting you to activate your account or CLICK HERE to activate your account now.

As part of the weekend there was a couple of insiders guide workshops that Andy presented

Our first event to be held at the West Rocks was A Weekend Away With Andy Farley. We completely under-estimated demand and were stunned when it sold out in seven minutes; the demand was so big that the servers crashed (the first time that has happened in nine years).

Despite the huge demand, we are resisting moving to a larger capacity hotel for any future "A Weekend Away With..." style events. The big focus is the up-close and personal feature and feedback from both Andy Farley and those that attended said that a bigger venue would take some of the prestige from the experience.

The weekend format included a Friday night six hour solo set whilst on Saturday a number of guest DJs joined Andy for a series of back-2-backs. We also ran a couple of workshops where Andy presented "An Insiders Guide to DJing" and (joined by producers Ben Stevens and Frank Farrell) "An Insiders Guide to Producing". We have committed to running another A Weekend Away With Andy Farley event next year, and we aim to give priority booking to those who were not able to attend this year. CLICK HERE to see photos and read feedback from the weekend.

We learned that the price we pitched the event at was too low. Again, because we under-estimated the demand we initially kept our costs low but then massively blew the budget on upgrading the sound system, bringing in our own lighting and adding extra DJs to the line-up. Future events will be priced around the £129 - £149 price point and part of the increase will include an additional night to become three night stays in some cases; meals and accommodation an up-market boutique hotel, in addition to the DJ entertainment are also included.

We have two more weekend events planned with the West Rocks Hotel this year; A Vicious Weekend With Ben Stevens sold out within 72 minutes of going on sale. The third event has a slightly different angle - A Weekend Away At The Hard Disko Hotel in October will feature a number of DJs for an event that celebrates the early hard house scene and the line-up includes a couple of the original DJs who helped bring the genre to life. CLICK HERE for more information

Our unique partnership with the West Rocks Hotel continues in to 2018 and beyond. We have already confirmed a number of "A Weekend Away With..." events for 2018 - each will follow a similar format to this years but each will be unique in that the headline DJs will bring their individual styles.