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T: 0844 884 3227


Media Pack

Please remember...

The use of DJs name, images or logo's to promote for your event is only permitted once we have received the deposit as stated in the DJ Agreement sent for the specific event. Images and logos are subject to our Image Use Policy

Image Courtesy of David Smith Photography


NEW! Andy Farley Logo Reveals 

We're pleased to offer promoters high definition Andy Farley logo reveals for use with promotional videos and event visuals.  There are four 5 second sequences to choose from and are free to use (subject to approval).   

We can also arrange a sound track for your promo-video, engineered specifically to fit with your visuals (service provided by Paul King at Cube Studios with a discounted fee exclusive to WLHH DJs).  We are also happy to put you in touch with a promotional video producer.

If you are interested, then contact Ru at We Love Hard House DJs:

T: 0844 884 3227

M: 07966 599585


Logo Files - Click on your preferred logo to enlarge

Black Logo on Transparent Background
Black Outline with white fill on transparent background
White logo on transparent background
White outline with gold fill on transparent background
White outline with blue fill on transparent background
White outline with green fill on transparent background

Profile Images - 2018

Andy Farley Head And Shoulders
Andy Farley on Bench with logo
Andy Farley Reading DJ Mag
Landscape Image of Andy Farley with logo