More about our NO CANCELLATION policy (applies to our A Weekend Away With events / events that include overnight accommodation provided by us)

Our No Cancellation Policy

Bookings for our "A Weekend Away With..." events are accepted on the basis that once booked, we are unable to accept cancellations.  Here we'll explain a little more about why that is.

The intimate nature of these events means to be financially viable every room needs to be sold.  With just 44 rooms available, just a couple of unexpectedly empty/unsold rooms would have a detrimental effect on the financial viability.  

To make these events as accessible to as many as possible, we offer rooms at forth-coming events six months in advance.  To secure a room, we require a deposit of £40 per person.  The balance due date is usually set for around eight weeks prior to the event.  Working in this way enables customers to budget effectively.  Consequently, when we put an event on-sale, more often than not they sell out within a few days.   As we get closer to an event, it becomes more difficult to re-sell rooms as the opportunity for customers to budget disappears.  We therefore have significantly reduced chances of re-selling a room which has been released due to a cancellation. 

Our no cancellation policy helps to protect the financial viability of each event which is inline with the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Payments) Regulations 2013; specifically the regulations makes special provision for the tourist and leisure industry.

Of course we accept that there are sometimes unavoidable circumstances which cause even the best laid plans to change.  We therefore are more than happy to offer, for free, a booker name change on any booking for anyone that can no longer attend an event if they have found someone to take over the booking.

Cancellation Insurance

Depending on the circumstances, some credit card issuers, banks and home insurance providers may offer some level of insurance for consumers who can no longer attend events. The exact level of cover, if it does exist, varies.  You should check to see if you have cover for your own peace of mind.

An alternative is to take out specific insurance to cover you in the event of needing to cancel.  Most home insurance companies will offer some kind of add-on for an additional premium.  The bigger mainstream ticket sellers usually offer a cancellation protection policy too, but as you might expect, cover is limited to event tickets you have purchased through them.

Some bank accounts and credit cards offer event ticket insurance, some offer it as  standard, others offer it as an additional service.  We recommend you check with your bank or card issuer.  Companies that offer travel insurance often offer policies to cover event tickets.

There are also some specialist services that cover cancellation if you are unable to attend in certain circumstances.  They are specifically aimed at consumers of festivals and music events such as the ones we run.  Depending on the extent of the cover you purchase, the premiums start from around just £4 per event, or if you take out an annual policy, you could be covered for any event (not just one) in a twelve month period for around £9 for events in Europe as well as the UK. We've put together some information below to give an idea of what you could get cover for.   To be protected, it is usual that a policy needs to be taken out within a few days of buying tickets for an event.

As a guide, specialist event ticket insurance includes the following (but check policy for exact coverage)

Good to know

Our recommendation that you take out insurance does not mean we necessarily are recommending a particular provider

We have no affiliation with any policy provider and do not earn anything from them - links are given in good faith but without liability

It is normal that cover needs to be taken out within two weeks of booking an event

Pre-existing or known medical conditions are not usually covered

Types of cover*

Injury (to yourself or a close relative)

Court appearance (jury service or non-specialist witness)

Car trouble

Problems with public transport


You could claim...*

Cost of the ticket to attend an event

Booking fees

Consequential travel costs

*The detail is dependant on what cover you take out. 

Examples of Event Ticket Insurance policy providers:

Information provided here is done so in good faith but without liability.