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We Love Hard House Radio is an internet based service that uses a state of the art platform to deliver programs in stereo.  

The output format is mp3 which is widely compatible across most web-browsers and devices and adapts according to whether you are listening via a mobile device (eg. smart phone, tablet) or computer.

The Manchester based servers are monitored 24 hours a-day and during scheduled broadcast times, we ourselves monitor the output. Should there be a service outage we will put a message up on the page.

If you experience sound dropping out or your device doesn't play continuously while you are listening to We Love Hard House Radio it is likely that one of the following suggestions will clear the issue.

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Connection Cutting Out / Sound Dropping Out

Have you tried clearing the device cache data?

Clearing a devices cache regularly improves the overall performance and is usually very easy, the more cache data your device has the less memory power it has to run apps and web based services and often this solves most web based performance issues.  

Cache data is snippets of information collected by your device as you, for example, visit websites.  The purpose is that when you return to those websites then the information will be available to you a little quicker.  In practice most of the data is rarely ever used and all it does is clog up the memory which slows down the performance.  

If you are unfamiliar with how to clear cache from your device, refer to the manufacturers instructions. 

Note that clearing a devices cache will mean entering previously saved information with websites such as user name and passwords. 

External Help Links:

Google Chrome

Check your internet connection 

A good internet connection is an important element to check.  If you have a wireless connection to your router (IE WiFi) its important to check that the signal is strong.  OfCom have a speed-checker which is quick, free and easy to understand.

OfCom Speed Check

 Are you using external speakers?

If yes, do they need batteries? If Bluetooth, are they in range? Is there anything else connected via Bluetooth that could be conflicting with the signal?

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Music goes off when device goes into screen lock

Check Powersave Settings

Some devices, (usually Android) automatically disconnect from web-browsers when the screen locks.  Turning off any power saving modes, and any settings restricting background data usually resolves the issue.  Alternatively, rather than listen via a web browser, you might like to use the devices inbuilt media player.

Listen via Devices own media player
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If you have followed the advice above and are still having problems we can send your details to the platform providers help desk for them to investigate. To do that we need some information from you.

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