NEW - Telegram Alert - Live event updates via SMS.

We now offer, for free, an SMS alert service to send up-dates about the event you are attending. Updates may include travel information on check-in day and the day you check-out, set time alterations, or details of lost property that's been handed in.

When you check-in online, you will be asked if you would like to subscribe to that particular events telegram alert service. We'll send you a confirmation SMS, then only when there is update information regarding the event you are attending. You're automatically unsubscribed at the end of the event.

We never share or distribute numbers and you can unsubscribe at any time simply by sending STOP to +44 7418 344822.


WLHH Telegram is entirely optional.  And its easy.  No need to log into social media, to check event pages, download emails etc.  Maximum message length is 160 characters and you'll only receive information about the event you are attending.  Everyone is automatically un-subscribed the day after the event has finished.  If we here of travel issues on the day you are coming to Eastbourne, we'll share it with you. If we need to amend the itinerary for any reason, a quick simple text is what we'll send. 

Who can sign up?  Anyone attending our events.  The booking reference tells the system which event you would like updates about. Either just the principal booker or everyone on the booking can use WLHH Telegram.

When can I sign up?  As soon as you have your We Love Hard House booking confirmation, you can register.  In fact up until the Sunday of the event itself. You can un-register anytime too.

And its free?  Yes, totally.  We manage the information distribution, the messages are delivered by ClickSend - they don't store numbers offer an easy opt-out at ant time. After the event, the Telegram service for that event is shut down and mobile numbers are scrambled and then deleted.

to try WLHH Telegram for free

Examples of messages we sent using WLHH Telegram. 


Our Telegram Alerts come from one number -
+44 7418 344822
You may find it useful to save this number in contacts so you can instantly know that a telegram alert has been sent from us!

The We Love Hard House Telegram Service is managed by us through a third party - industry leaders ClickSendSMS.  We securely upload a data-file to their servers containing telephone numbers of those who subscribe to Telegram for a particular event.  We do not upload any other information.  After the relevant event we then remove all the subscribers numbers for the appropriate event. 

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