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We Love Bounce began as an idea with Ru and Jamie from moreonthedoor.com and friend Wain Johnstone.  The bouncier side of hard house was well catered for in the Midlands but in London there was no bounce event.

From the outset resident DJs formed the back-bone of the events with a group decision on which headliner(s) to try and attract.  The venue was the Red Room at Hidden, in London. 

The brand had an instant and loyal following who appreciated the fact we were not out to take ourselves too seriously.  Guest DJs included Tom Berry, Kye Shand, James Ellis, Dave Curtis, FOID, JP & Jukesy to name just a few. Lisa Pin-Up became the events biggest name and she agreed perform exclusive 90 minute sets for us, so We Love Lisa Pin-Up became an annual We Love Bounce event.

When Hidden closed We Love Bounce became homeless. The venue became another statistic in London's dying and shrinking clubland.  Trying to find the right venue, at the right size, at the right price, in the right location, available on the right dates is a task that we've yet to succeed. 

In the meantime, the brand is "resting" - if the right opportunity comes along, we'll seriously consider it.

DJ Tobias

Tobias, our top mincer.  He gave up DJing to concentrate on moving to a larger house in readiness of fatherhood.  Yes, he's a breeder.  We know, camper than a Heaven Holiday Park.

We asked Tobias to come in his most manly t-shirt for his pre-breeding chapter of his life.  Tobias arrives in an aqua blue (see through when wet) Ms Selfridges t-shirt that folds up in the middle to double as a crop top.  This is justified, we are told, as the one top becomes two. We think someome lost focus with the original request.  As for his set - always delivered a belter and we miss him and Nathalie.

Caz Wood

Wain's maid and driver Caz had her place as resident fast-tracked when she drove Wain to Hidden -well, a BOGOF is a BOGOF at the end of the day.  In to S&M in a big way we hear. 

Lisa Pin-Up

Our annual event We Love Lisa Pin-Up was made all the more credible by a shrewd business decision to book the real Lisa Pin-Up as headliner - the looky-likey Phizz alternative may have played against us with the new lighting installed by the venue


Phizz is seen here, incognito as Jamie's glamorous assistant Door Whore Designate.   Jamie was the the person who brought lots of Ru's promotional ideas to life and is credited with a major force in making We Love Bounce ever happen.

Wain Johnstone

"Mix, live?  Never done that, that's what 60 minute CDRs are for... and as for counting to 16....." Wain Johnstone finds having two CDJs to work with rather than just the one is a whole a new challenge. The most he's ever had going at once was acoustic triangle and a cassette player. 


Seen here on the right, Ru is the promoter and with Wain Johnstone he came up with the idea of running a bounce event in London. 



PSR was second in command of Customer Care which effectively meant he cuddled all the girls and questioned the boys about the size of their balls.  We're not sure of the size of his but Jennie is wife says `'functional".

Having assured himself he does have the biggest balls in bounce, shows that big balls enables knob fiddling without looking.  Here he is playing the closing set and mixing out of his last track, seamlessly into silence.   You'd never have guessed he did it by touch feel alone.

Pearce M

Pearce M shows Kings Cross hookers the real meaning of versatility.  We were surprised he shared with us what he was doing and why.  Those ones are Tesco's Metro; quick and easy but a limited range.


Phizz is actually a multi-tasking DJ and glamour model for some niche German publication.  I think glamour might be a red herring.   e failed to highlight that Phizz is proving that there is a matching pink beard dye for every shade of pink wig, thus diverting attention away from his newly acquired yellow wrist bands.  His alter-ego Lisa-Phizz-Up, his looky-likey of Lisa Pin-Up never really took off.

Wendy (wo0.co.uk)

Wendy is out photographer.  Apparently. No one remembers recruiting her.  When people ask us to describe Wendy, there is one word that does  just that; Basingstoke. And if you want a more detailed profile, precede Basingstoke with "Outskirts of..."  What we mean by that is everyone knows it exists, but don't talk about it, no one admits to going there (although someone has , she has a daughter)  and one imagines she would have in her head things like 101 things to do with fish fingers in a microwave. 


 Nathalie's talent behind the decks is matched by her ability to look pristine no matter when or where she is.  There are only two things that will survive the apocalypse, cockroaches and Nathalie's hair. 


Our dame of the event was Shelly, a talented face painter as well as running a clubbers shop with everything day-glo on offer.  You would always know when Shelly was about, she'd come and say hi. 

Charlie Goddard

Charlie wasn't one of our residents but was often our on the floor support carer for those in need... here he is in action.  He was good at it, he spoke their language ("Brum?") -  nice guy.  Weird accent.



Some of our flyers

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Details of the next We Love Bounce (early 2019) will be announced here and via our FACEBOOK page or CLICK HERE to sign up to our mailing list.