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T: 0844 884 3227


Media Pack

Please remember...

The use of DJs name, images or logo's to promote for your event is only permitted once we have received the deposit as stated in the DJ Agreement sent for the specific event. Images and logos are subject to our Image Use Policy

MEDIA PACK / Captain Tinrib

Thank you for your interest in Captain Tinrib. The use of images and logos is permitted once a deposit has been paid and is subject to our Image Usage Policy.

Logo Files - Click on your preferred logo to enlarge

Captain Tinrib logo white on black
Captain Tinrib logo white outline and black fill on transparent background
Captain Tinrib logo white outline and transparent fill on a transparent backgound

Profile Images - 2018 - Click on your preferred image to enlarge

Captain Tinrib square on white with logo
Captain Ready
Captain Tinrib image with abstract background
Captain Tinrib banner on white with logo