We Love Hard House Label


Welcome to We Love Hard House Sounds.

Fresh from their duties at the We Love Hard House Studios we have tasked Paul King (Pants & Corset/Trauma), Frank Farrell & Tim Clewz with spearheading the label. 

Already we're really excited with the release schedule that they've got planned for you.

The label sets out to release tracks that keep to the original spirit of hard-house. Don't expect tracks that sound like pots and pans being kicked down a 12 story stairwell. Do expect tracks from warm-up grooves, to euphoric peak-time tunes, with addictive basslines, euphoric riffs, breakdowns and maybe some cheeky vocals.

If you have a track that you'd like considered for release via We Love Hard House, we'd love to hear from you.  CLICK HERE

Do you need help producing your track? 
We Love Hard House offers studio days with full studio services supported by either Paul King or Frank Farrell.  Prices include a pre-studio briefing, a day in the studio with either Paul King or Frank Farrell, and digital post production.

CLICK HERE for more information.

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