Pure Anne Savage - Revised Date

We're really sorry for any inconvenience caused by changing the date of Pure Anne Savage. Ultimately nobody should be out of pocket as a result of the change, will cover reasonable costs in such cases. Here is some information regarding the reasons behind the date and some FAQs along with a claim form if needed.

Why has the date of Pure Anne Savage changed?
The original date for Pure Anne Savage clashes with the London Marathon. Consequently demand for hotel and transport is extremely high and prices reflect that.

Why was the date originally booked for the same weekend as the London Marathon?
In all honesty we didn't know. When we book dates we do carry out a number of checks to avoid disruption or clashes. These checks include generic event listing guides, and Transport For London works schedule. The London Marathon has only recently appeared on some listing guides. We became aware when a company we have enlisted to support hotel and travel accommodation for the event reported outrageously high prices, even they initially were not aware. 

I can still attend the new date, do I need a new event ticket?
Your tickets with the original date have automatically been transferred to the new date, you do not need to take any action except to make a note on your calendar (or fridge or somewhere that will remind you that the date has changed!)

I can't attend the new date, I'm really cross! What should I do?
We're really sorry about that.  As there are so many coming considerable distances there are a lot who would like to stay overnight.  The London Marathon has pushed prices up to a point where the overall cost of attending becomes excessive.  Before deciding to change the date, we spoke with Anne and the venue, and canvassed opinion from customers who'd contacted us about the high premiums being charged for the original date.  Moving the event back by one week will benefit the majority but accept not everyone will be entirely happy, for which we apologise.  If you are unable to attend the revised date then please refer to the point of purchase for your tickets for a full refund.

I've already booked travel / accommodation, what should I do?

If you have already purchased travel or hotel accommodation and plan to attend the re-scheduled event, please contact the the organisations concerned to amend your travel plans.  Most will change the details for free.  If you incur an admin fee will cover the cost as long as you make the changes and submit a copy of the fees to us before 30th November 2017.  If you are unable to attend the event and have already purchased tickets / travel accommodation please contact the organisations concerned to cancel the bookings.  Most will not levy a cancellation fee, however if they do, will cover the cost as long as you cancel your bookings and submit your claim before 30th November 2017.

Our auditors require proof of any out of pocket expenses you would like to claim for.  Your travel provider will issue you an invoice showing any amendment or cancellation fees.  Please attach a copy with your claim.

How do I make a claim for out of pocket expenses?

We've created a claim form to make the process as simple as possible.  See below.