Pure Anne Savage - 7 Hour Set



We're sorry to advise that the Pure Anne Savage event due to take place on Saturday 28 April 2018 has been postponed.

The event will take place in the future, a new date will be announced in due course.

Customers with tickets have a number of options, including. full refund, transfer to the new date, or discount on A Weekend Away With Anne Savage in November.

We have taken the decision to postpone the event due to the number of ticket holders wishing to also attend Sundissential Goodgreef Big Beef Reunion which is on the same weekend, and feel that by postponing our event will enable customers to have the opportunity of supporting both the Goodgreef event and then the future Pure Anne Savage event .

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and hope that you will be able to attend the re-scheduled Pure Anne Savage event.


for the event refund and ticket exchange form

Pure Anne Savage - 7 Hour Set. Warm-up from Sarah G

Saturday 28th April 2018 - Doors 12 noon (Day Time Event)

418 Brixton Road

CLICK HERE for venue information

(Originally this event was to have been at 02 Islington Academy.  Due to some operational constraints the 02 Islington Academy is no longer available.  Read more HERE)

We're delighted and privileged to announce Pure Anne Savage.

A seven hour cross-genre set, representing 25 years since Anne picked up her first DJ residency at legendary Angels in Burnley where she cut her teeth as alongside Carl Cox, Joey Beltram and Paul Taylor.

In a career that has seen regular nominations in the Top 100 DJs poll, Anne´s global appeal continues to dominate the hard house DJ circuit with UK and worldwide appearances at some of the biggest dance events. Her witty banter and authoritativeness on all things hard dance made her a popular presenter for the BBC, Sky, Radio 1 and Ministry Of Sound Radio-

Anne´s wide appeal and fan base makes her an ideal ambassador for Plug'em - an initiative by the British Tinnitus Association that aims to remove the stigma of using ear plugs in loud environments, such as concerts, festivals and other music events. welovehardhouse.com in association with Anne Savage will be donating £1 from each ticket sold for Pure Anne Savage to Plug´em.

Pure Anne Savage is part of a series of special events planned for 2018 to celebrate Anne´s 25 years.

Warm-Up Set from...

Celebrating something of a time milestone her self is Sarah Gee with 20 years under her belt.

As part of Sarah's celebration she will not only be performing at Pure Anne Savage but we have also secured her services for A Weekend Away With The Girls Featuring Lisa Pin-Up and A Weekend Away With Andy Farley 2.

CLICK HERE for more on Sarah Gee

In Support of Plug'em
Anne Savage suffered from Tinnitus for ten years, a condition which could have been prevented with the use of ear-plugs. Its not surprising, therefore, that Anne is a passionate Ambassador for Plug'em, an initiative by The British Tinnitus Foundation with the aim of removing the stigma of wearing ear-plugs. welovehardhouse.com in association with Anne Savage will donate £1 to Plug'em* from each ticket sold for Pure Anne Savage. CLICK HERE to find our more about Plug'em


*The British Tinnitus Association is registered as a Charity number 1011145

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