Promo Video Library

Welcome to our Promo Video Library. We've added the videos we have produced to promote events etc here. The videos have been produced in house and unless otherwise stated the soundtracks have been edited and produced for the videos by Paul King at Cube Studios.


We Love Hard House DJs presents A Retrospective of a 25 Year Career - A 6 Hour Set from Paul King

Our Showcase events at Bar Soho are designed to offer a unique platform for DJs to play longer sets.  The format is adapted according to the DJs and for our October 2019 showcase we're giving the whole event over to the legendary Paul King.  Many of his fans know him under a variety of alias's such as Trauma, Turbulence, Terrance & Phillip, Overload, Pant & Corset, F1, Format One and The Project.  A large number of clubbers hadn't realised these were all Paul King and part of the video takes its inspiration from that fact.  The tunnel effect was designed in house and the inspiration for that came from Tara Carty who "loves tunnel visuals"   The sound track produced, of course, by Paul King.


Craig Jones / Mezmerized

This track from one of our residents, Craig Jones, has been much talked about and within 24 hours of its release it was at number 5 in the Toolbox Digital charts.  The video features the lyrics from the track.


K8-e / My Kind Of Company

The second release of the re-launched WLHH label is a two mix track courtesy of K8-e.

The original lends itself to an early set while Paul King gives the track a harder edge. The videos are similar.


1). Original Mix

2) Paul King Mix

Paul King VS Bass Jumper - Turn Me On


Our label "We Love The Sounds Of Hard House" was re-launched in March 2019 as We Love Hard House (Sounds) to closer reflect the brand name.  Managed by Paul King and Tim Clewz, the ethos remains the same; releases that draw influences from the old skool whilst reflecting  a modern sound.

Initially the label will limited the number of releases to one a month (on the first Friday).  As part of the re-launch we are making tracks available across most mainstream media as part of an attempt to enlarge the hard-house audience. This includes releases being available on streaming sites such as Spotify, Tidal and youTube. 

For the audio-visual channels we wanted to do more than just have a picture of the track artwork.  Shooting footage for traditional music videos is beyond the finances of a hard-house release so we're having a go at putting together some visuals in-house.  Work in progress and we are learning!


Q&A With K90

K90 aka Mark Doggett features in a second to  in a series of Q&A's arranged by We Love Hard House to promote the A Weekend Away With... series of events in the Autumn of 2018.  This video was put together with Mark in the driving seat in terms of the finished product.  Mark kindly allowed us to use video clips from Pity The Fool, the chart topping K90 release featuring the vocals of Freddie Hall, to bring the montage to life.

Production Date: July 2018

Soundtrack (produced by K90 for this video):

K90 - A.X.I.S. 2018 (K90 Rework)

K90 - Pity The Fool (feat Freddie Hall) (Lee Haslam Remix)

K90 - We Are Not Alone (Venetica Remix)

K90 - Defender Of The Faith (Original Mix)

K90 - Red Snapper (Original Mix)


With Pride

We Love Hard House is a non partisan  brand and we do not get embroiled in any scene politics. For us, its all about the music.  That said, and political persuasions aside, each year we do acknowledge the Pride in the UK by way of a video or similar on our website.  2018 was no exception, and we used the opportunity to acknowledge the Tony De Vit 20 Year Memorial event in Birmingham and of course resident at the legendary gay after hours club Trade.

Production Date: July 2018

Soundtrack:  Let The Spirit Move You / Joanna (TDV mix)


Q&A Session with Technikal

Video to promote a live questions and answer session with Technikal who is headlining A Weekend Away With.... event in November 2018.  The video includes images of satellites to promote the fact that Technikal is overseas (lives in Sydney).  The live stream was recorded and within 48 hours had over 3000 views.

Production Date: June 2018

The soundtrack, complied by Technikal for the promotional video includes Astrobass (Technikal and Sam Townwnd) - False Alarm, Technikals's own Traktion, Rollcage, Heavens Touch, Electicht Shokk and Back 2 The Old Skool, plus his and Phil Jon Hanley's mix of Costa Pantazis and Phil Reynolds Continuum and his track with Marc French - Mad and Confused (Guyver Remix).


We're Going Xstatic in Ibiza

We Love Hard House has been invited to join the Xstatic team in Ibiza for 2018.  The event in September sees our own Anne Savage, Andy Farley and Rob Tissera being among the headliners, with our own JP & Jukesy being the events organisers.

Production Date: June 2018

Soundtrack: "Lost" by Paul King and Andy Farley


Fad-Star Photo Video


Video compilation of photos taken by a clubber at A Weekend With Rob Tissera (23rd to 26 Feb 2018) and A Weekend Away with Andy Farley (9th to 12th Mar 2018)

Production Date: May 2018

Soundtrack "Feel Alive" By Disco Daddy


We Love Hard Hush

We Love Hard Hush is a collaboration between Hard Hush in Brighton and We Love Hard House.    The first collaboration was in February 2018 with A Weekend Away With The Girls Feat. Lisa Pin-Up.  The event showcased some of the Hard Hush residents and guests - Laura May, Dazz "Pants"Bevan and Steve Maynard delivered exceptional sets.  So we decided to do a night featuring the three and headlining with out own Andy Farley.  The image concept by Glenn Walker at FractureDJ.

Production Date: May 2018

Soundtrack: "Get Back" by Trauma (Paul King) and Andy Farley


We Love Hard House Logo Indents


Compilation of We Love Hard House logo reveals put together as part of visuals for a trade show to promote the brand.

Production Date: April 2018

Soundtrack "Lost" By Paul King and Andy Farley


Autumn 2018 Season Weekend Headline Announcement


Facebook Campaign to announce the headline DJs for the Autumn 2018 season of weekend events.

Production Date: March 2018

Axis 2018 - K90

Red Snapper - K90

Terminal Velocity - Technikal

I Need A Man - Anne Savage

West Rock - Ben Stevens


A Weekend Away With Paul King Promo Video 2


Facebook Campaign for:
A Weekend Away With Paul King

Campaign Date: Jan 2018.

Soundtrack "Lost" By Paul King and Andy Farley

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