ROAR (Right of Admission Retained)

All venues require you to show valid Photo ID.  The most accepted forms of ID are a Passport or Driving Licence.  Some venues will scan these.   For those who have purchased e-tickets you will need to bring the ID that relates to the person who purchased the tickets.

You must be 18 years or over to attend any of our events.  If you are lucky enough to look under 21 you may be asked to show ID at the bar on each visit.  This is part of the duties bar-staff are obliged to under-take and we ask that you be ready to show ID when required. We also ask to share your tips for looking young!

We use venues that are licensed for the purpose in which we are using them for.  Each venue provides their own security team who perform a number of roles for the venue, namely their primary purpose is for the safety of customers, staff and property. It is a condition of entry that each person is searched on arrival at the venue.  This can include a pat-down as well as checking the contents of bags. For London venues it is normal to be asked to empty your pockets and go through an x-ray machine. Prohibited items include are bottles / cartons / cans of drinks, weapons (including kitchen and pen knives) / narcotics / large cameras.  This list isn´t exhaustive.  

CCTV is in operation at all the venues we use, and security are visible; if you see something of concern please bring it to the attention of venue security.

Dress code:  We have a casual dress-code at all our events (jeans / trainers are quite acceptable).  Some events have a special theme, see event details.

In line with the above, the security team act on behalf of the venue owners and can, at their discretion, refuse admission, particularly if they believe there is a threat to customers, staff, property or something that may bring the terms of the venues licence into distribute.  This is called ROAR (Right of Admission Retained).  Every licensed venue in the UK works in this way.

The security teams will always act courteously and sensitively but they have a job to do, please always cooperate fully. 

CONTACT US if you have anything you are not sure about or need clarifying.

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