Our No Cancellation Policy

More information about our no-cancellation policy for A Weekend Away events.

We have a unique opportunity to run a series of events at West Rocks Hotel in Eastbourne. One of the major benefits is the intimate nature of these events. With a capacity for just 100 people, these weekends are almost like a private party put on by the DJ.

Part of the success of these events is the fact We Love Hard House has negotiated to have exclusive use of the hotel for each of our events. In other words, everyone staying at the hotel is part of the hard house family and all there to enjoy a weekend of a favourite DJ.   The events simply wouldn't work otherwise.    In return, we undertake to fill (and pay for) each bed for the entire weekend.  Add to that the cost of bringing in state of the art sound and lighting, a full time technical engineer,  DJ fees and expenses. our investment in back-office systems, staff costs and so on, a picture emerges of the financial commitment we under-write to make each weekend happen.   Then when you consider there are just 44 rooms, in which we accommodate DJs, staff and of course customers, even just one room that doesn't pay seriously impacts the event.

We usually release events for sale six months in advance.  The primary reason is to allow customers enough time to budget for the cost, and we owe our success in selling out most events to this policy.  As long as the full balance is received by the due date as detailed on your booking confirmation, you can pay off as much or as little as you like, as often as you like,using our easy online payment system - for balance payments we even cover the costs of the transactions.    We work like this as we know that as the date for each event gets closer, the like-hood of re-selling a room reduces significantly as there are less months to budget.   In other words once you have reserved a room we commit to keeping that room available for your use but on the understanding that the room will be paid for in full.  

Sometimes life things can get in the way of best laid plans and as strict as our no cancellation policy is we will always do our best to help, particularly on compassionate grounds.  We offer a free name change service so if you find you are not able to attend, you are welcome to re-sell your room.  Just let us know and we'll take care of it.

Overdue payments start to incur additional costs for us.  In extreme cases we will use the services of a licensed recovery service and such costs will be added to the outstanding balance; the cost is around £175 plus 2% of the outstanding balance.  The service we use is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.   We have to be this strict in order to protect our business and all our future events.

If you are struggling to pay your balance or need to talk with us, please CONTACT US - we are human-beings and we will always do our best to help!

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