Send us your mugshots... you could win A Weekend Away!

We love getting sent photos or tagged in pics... whether they are of We Love Hard House clubbers with one of our DJs, or where someone has spotted a car/van/truck/ferry/train with a We Love Hard House sticker.... thank you!

We've been thinking about these pics and think we've come up with something to say thank you - We Love Hard House Mug Shots! Each week we plan to publish a photo or two - if ts your photo we use we'll send you a WLHH Mug (thus the name Mug Shots). (One mug per person regardless of the number of photos submitted).

There's more! On Christmas Eve everyone who has received a Mug Shot Mug will be put into a draw - the first name that is pulled out will win a room for two at a future A Weekend Away With event at West Rocks in Eastbourne.   If you send subsequent mugshots, although we can't send you more mugs,  we'll enter you in to the draw for each subsequent photo we use.  

Photos that have been submitted before 7th August 2019 (the  day we announced Mug Shots) will be eligible if they are published below before the draw. Excluded from the competition are photos taken by official event photographers but they are eligible for a mug for any images that we publish here.

If you wish to submit a photo and be included in the draw CLICK HERE - you have the option of uploading the image or submitting a Facebook link to the photo.  To be eligible you either have to have been the person to take the photo, or be in the photo. One submission per image,  

Good luck!

This page is currently under construction,  We'll be adding lots more photos over the coming days but here are a couple to start of with,

1200 clubbers down under, and further on...  all the way to Auckland in fact filled to capacity Studio for London Hard House Reunion.  With Rob Tissera, Paul Glazby, Phil Reynolds and Andy Farley, to name just a few on the line-up LHHR lived up to its name and to its reputation.  This shot of Andy kind of says it all.
Saturday 3rd August 2019

Photo submitted by Janelle Kleinhans Matchett

Photo courtesy of London Hard House Reunion photographer

An amazing shot of Anne Savage playing back 2 back with Lisa Pin-Up at Legends in the Park's Polysexual vs Sundissential packed arena. 

Sunday 28 July 2019
Facebook Tag by Ashley Brown

Photo courtesy of Legends photographer

Flying the flag for hard house, a We Love Hard House flag at the legendary Glastonbury Festival in 2019.  Several people have said that a BBC TV camera panned in on the flag during live coverage.  We can't find it on catch-up but great publicity anyway! 
Friday 28 June 2019
Photo by Corrinne Allwright

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