Our No Cancellation Policy

GOOD TO KNOW - More information about our no-cancellation policy for A Weekend Away events.

We have a unique opportunity to run a series of events at West Rocks Hotel in Eastbourne. One of the major benefits is the intimate nature of these events. With a capacity for just 100 people, these weekends are almost like a private party put on by the DJ.  

To be value for money, we have to fill the hotel in order to meet the cost of putting the weekend together.  When you take into account that we take over the hotel for our exclusive use, we hire in a professional sound and lighting company with on-site sound engineers and then the cost of DJs, the commitment is significant.  We are happy to underwrite the cost of each weekend but in turn we need a commitment from those who say they are coming.  With just 44 available rooms, any cancellation has a serious financial impact on the viability of the weekend. 

We make the events available to book several months in advance as this gives customers the opportunity to save for the balance payment which is normally due 8 weeks before the event starts.  For events in February and March 2018 the due date for balances is much closer to the event (1st February  2018) as we know the cost of Christmas impacts heavily on peoples finances.  We offer a low deposit (just £30 per person).  Our portal also offers the chance to pay off amounts from your balance each month to make the cost more manageable.

NEW FOR 2018
For events due to go on-sale soon for October and November we are making a couple of changes:-
- Deposits per person will now be £50
- There will be a payment plan option to spread the payments over 5 months

- We are looking at the possibility of offering cancellation insurance should anyone need to cancel
- For our events in January to March 2019, these will go on-sale in June 2018, deposits will be £50 and will offer a five month payment plan or full payment at time of booking

-We are looking offering a "standby" package where, for events that have sold out, a small number of standby bookings are accepted.  These will be available for a fixed monthly instalment.  The standby package will be available for the same price as a standard booking less £50.  If, by the time the event takes place, if a room hasn't become available, the full amount will be refunded to the customer or they can opt for preferential pre-release places future weekends.

For our events in February and March, a number of rooms have become available. Although the onus is on the original booker to re-sell the room, we are of course happy to help.  As the deposits for these rooms have been paid, they are available on a first come, first served basis for just £99 per person.

Before rooms are advertised here, we work through a waiting list for each event.  You can register for a wait list for our events HERE

After each wait-list has been contacted and where we still have rooms that are available for re-sell, these will be available at a special rate of just £99 per person on a first come, first served bases.  Full payment will be required at time of booking.

CLICK HERE to see latest cancelled room availability