How to buy tickets for our events

We will always have a small allocation of tickets to buy on the door (except for 2/3 nights at Eastbourne where there are no on the door tickets) however if you are travelling a considerable distance to attend one of our events we strongly recommend you purchase a ticket first. We hate turning non-ticket holders away when the venue reaches capacity, particularly if you have driven for hours to be there.

Tickets for all our events are available for hard-dance ticket specialists

Tickets are sent via e-mail ("e-tickets"). There is no need to print your ticket, you can save a copy to your smart phone if if you wish. If you buy multiple tickets each ticket will show just the name of the purchaser, who needs to bring valid ID (driving licence or passport) so our door staff can validate your identity. It is usual for us to sell tickets in pricing tiers, with Early Bird tickets available first.

For weekend events, the initial deposit (£30 per person) is managed through Go to, look for the room type for the event you would like, click add to basket, proceed to check-out. Note that if you want one room for two people then the quantity you want is one, the system will charge for £60 (being the deposit for two people). It is not possible to buy a room for less than the capacity of that room (IE, you can't buy a double room for one person).

For questions or queries regarding tickets through please CONTACT them directly

For our Pure events at O2 Academy Islington tickets are also available from Ticketweb. You have an option to receive these via email (e-tickets) or post.   For e-tickets the person who made the purchase (IE, the debit or credit card holder) has to be present when arriving at the venue and must bring the debit or credit card used; this is to allow our staff to verify that the card used has been done so legitimately and it is a condition of Ticketweb that this check is carried out. 

Tickets On The Door

For our events at XOYO and O2 Academy Islington we have a limited number of tickets available for purchase on the day.  These are cash sales and tickets are full price.  Buying your ticket in advance is always cheaper and you guarantees that even when sold out, you will be able to get in. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is not possible to buy day passes or pay on the door for our A Weekend Away... events in Eastbourne.  Weekend events are only accessible to those staying at West Rocks.  Not only is this a licence condition, the events have a maximum capacity of 100 which is the number of guests that are able to book in advance. 

Customer Service
Both and Ticketweb offer customer service support.  Please see the relevant website for details.  Should you have an issue with their service which has not been resolved to your satisfaction, please CONTACT US for additional support.