We're often asked about the availability of day passes for our Weekend Away events at Eastbourne.

As much as we hate turning people away, the short answer is sorry, but day passes are not available

There are a number of valid reasons why that is the case and we think its important to explain these.

The Hotel Licence
The West Rocks has a license that permits the provision of entertainment to those with pre-booked overnight accommodation at the hotel. It is forbidden for us (that is the hotel and/or We Love Hard House) to allow non-residents into an event which is part of a package that includes overnight accommodation; disrespecting the conditions would seriously jeopardise the hotels licence; it would also invalidate their public liability insurance.  

Health & Safety / Customer Comfort

Another factor is one of capacity.  The space used to provide entertainment is big enough to accommodate each hotel guest but no more.  Our events sell out meaning that there simply isn't enough room whilst maintaining customer comfort to allow additional clubbers to join us.  Crucially, by exceeding capacity we'd be risking lives in the event of a fire, that is not a risk we'd ever consider taking. 

The A Weekend Away concept to offer something that is far more than a night out in a club.  Think of it as a gripping four part mini series on TV but only watching the third episode, skipping parts one and two.  You wouldn't get much of the story and the same could be said if we were able to offer day passes; customer and DJ feedback overwhelmingly supports the view that the event needs to be experienced in its entirety.

Selling day passes would be very profitable for us (assuming we were able to do that).  That would also be very short-sighted and we'd soon have complaints of over-crowding.   In any case as it stands we'd be acting illegally , we'd find it immoral and totally at odds with our brand values.   Even before our first event with West Rocks, we agreed that the customer experience was to be our key focus and over-selling an event to make more money would not be allowed, it has been a corner-stone of our principals since day one.

We hope that by being transparent helps understand our no-day-pass policy is there for genuine reasons.

Thank you for your interest and your understanding.

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