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We Love Hard House Cut2Vinyl

We Love Hard House Cut2Vinyl

We Love Hard House has partnered up with Cut2Vinyl, a new high quality low run producers of 12”, 10” or 7” black Lathe vinyl.

Although services already exist where tracks can be pressed, the material more commonly used is acetate.  Cut2Vinyl use a much more robust thicker vinyl which has a greatly extended shelf life (IE, it can be played many more times than acetate and will retain its original sound quality for many years). The Cut2Vinyl process is done by hand and includes the option for high quality personalised cardboard sleeves (also known as jackets).  There is no minimum order.  The product range will evolve in early 2018 with the addition of picture disks as an option.

Mare Marinelli

Vinyl junkie, DJ, producer, label manager and founding member #1 of Cut2Vinyl with 39 years of experience in the music industry is Mare Marinelli who is also a fan of hard house.  Mare 's passion sees his him being directly in control of the production line and quality control. 

"We started talking to We Love Hard House a few months ago when they approached us about a couple of ideas" Mare said.  "We were immediately struck on the similarities in brand values we share.  In particular we are huge supporters of the Pure Andy Farley vinyl event"

The partnership sees Cut2Vinyl offer vinyl production for We Love Hard House Studio, the new music production facility run by Frank Farrell and Cut2Vinyl will sponsor this years Produce A Track With Andy Farley competition which (as the name suggest) sees a lucky winner go into a studio with Andy Farley to make a track, which is then produced on vinyl and played at Pure Andy Farley which is a 10 hour vinyl set.   As you'd expect, the sponsorship sees the winning track being processed by Cut2Vinyl.


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