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Q - What is your first Hard House Experience?
A - Clubbing wise was Mind Over Matter at Camden Palace in 2000/2001 but the first time I heard hard house was with my brother when I was about 14 years old.

Q - What one track gets you on the dance floor?

A: - Back to Front’ by Phil Reynolds & Nick Sentience

Q - Which track defines hard house in your mind?
A - As cliche as this is, I would probably have to say Tony De Vit - Are You All Ready.

Q -  What one HH track do you wish you had produced?
A - KY Jelly Babies remix of Access as it’s probably the most played hard house track ever (?) and still doesn’t get boring (for me anyway)

Q - Is there a commercial pop track that you think is crying out for a hard house mix?
A  - Hmmm nothing really comes to mind. I do take influence and ideas for riffs and melodies from non dance music though.

Q -  What is the longest set you have played?
A - Two hours

Q - As a clubber, do you prefer the big production large crowd nights or the smaller more intimate underground ones?
A - I think they both have their pros and cons really. I started going to Mind Over Matter and Frantic at Camden Palace so I had only really experienced bigger clubs/events until a bit later on. I love it when then atmosphere is there on the bigger clubs but then I love the intimacy of smaller clubs too.



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Mezmerized (Paul Kings Rough Trade Remix)

Fear Not

Izit (with Andy Farley)

(Original Mix)

Cock Dribble

(with Amp Attack)

Wonky Horror Show

She Mail

(Tim Clewz Remix)


Mezmerized (Original Mix)

Chemical Generation

Izit (with Andy Farley)

(Daz Bar Mix)

Dirty Barry
(with Amp Attack)

(Craig Jones Remix)

She Mail

(Original Mix)


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