A Guide To Our Live Chat Service

Information about our Live Chat service and what to do when we're not online

We offer a live on-line chat facility. The service doesn't have exact operational times and is reliant when we are in the office and available to chat. We try to have the facility open from 8.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday.  Often the service is available later in to the evenings and sometimes at the weekends. 


When we're ON-LINE

When we are online an icon like this will appear in the bottom left corner.  Just click on the icon to start chatting with us.


When we're OFF-LINE

If we are offline then a grey icon like this will appear in the bottom left corner.  You can leave us a message by clicking the icon.

You are welcome to use online chat for any subject... but...

  • Although our chat system is secure, we do not take payments by live chat.  We will send you a link to our secure online payment portal if the outcome of the chat requires that.
  • For security and personal data protection we do not discuss DJ fees via online chat
  • And just so you know we can see your messages as you type!

Out of hours contact details for Promoters

If you are a Promoter and need to speak to us urgently about an existing booking for this weekend, please refer to the last page of the appropriate DJ Agreement for our out of hours helpline.