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We have built our reputation and invested a lot in our brand. Although we are not pretentious (or try not to be) it is common sense for us to protect our brand and we have put together some notes about how the brand should be presented.


This is not an exhaustive list but it will help you know roughly what can and can´t be done with our brand image. In any case the use of our logo needs to be pre-approved by us.

The brand logo is now a registered trade mark with global protection with the IPO (Reg UK000003243211). From 2019 the logo will reflect this with the addition of or ® next to the device.

The use of our logo must be agreed before hand and then artwork needs to be signed off by us prior to publication, In case of web/online publication a screen-shot is acceptable.

It is expressly forbidden to use our trademark in environments (online and offline) that promote illegal or immoral activities, discrimination (race, sex, sexual orientation, religion etc), political persuasion and activities likely to cause arm or suffering to others. Please do not use our trademarks or logos in a way that states or suggests that we sponsor, endorse, or are otherwise affiliated with your project or product, without a agreement from us. Please do not change the spelling and syntax of our trademarks: do not abbreviate or use an acronym. Do not use our logo in such a way that it may bring disrepute or cause damage to our brand, and that of the venues we use, DJs we support, suppliers we rely on and our customers. Only use our logo without any modifications and using the following technical guidelines:

Font Information.


RED - (#FF000)


White (#FFFFFF)


Black (#000000)

The typeface is always American Typewriter bold (and all in capitals except the dot com).  The O in love is replaced with a heart.  The disc must always have a white border when used on a dark background.  There are two ways our logo can be presented, either as a disc (our prefered choice) or as a banner although we are phasing out the banner format this year. Please see examples below (click to enlarge).


These guidelines apply to all our brands, which are:

We Love Hard House
We Love Hard Trance
We Love Lisa Pin-Up
We Love Great Events
We Love Hard House DJs.

Our brand values  are heavily influenced by Trade, the club that gave birth to Hard House.  The club cultivate a culture of being part of a family, respecting each other and regardless of any outside influence everyone was there for the music.  Our events are run with the same bue-print that made Trade famous. that of progression with DJs playing for a few hours.  


Please call us on 0844 884 3227 or CONTACT us.


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We Love Great Events

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We Love Hard House DJs logo

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Digital Store Logo

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We Love The Sounds Of Hard House:

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