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T: 0844 884 3227


Media Pack

Please remember...

The use of DJs name, images or logo's to promote for your event is only permitted once we have received the deposit as stated in the DJ Agreement sent for the specific event. Images and logos are subject to our Image Use Policy

This page is currently under construction

Logo Files

Click on your preferred logo to enlarge.

Ben Stevens White Lettering on a transparent background
Ben Stevens Black Lettering on a transparent background with red flash
Ben Stevens Box Logo white with red flash on transparent
Ben Stevens Box Logo Black with red flash on transparent

Here are some contact sheets to show how different flash colours look.  If there is a particular design you wish to use, click to enlarge, download the entire sheet then crop the one you wish to use.  Hi res versions are available.

Ben Stevens Black Lettering with colour flash contact sheet
Ben Stevens White Lettering with coloured flash contact sheet

Profile Images

New profile images will be available soon.