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We started life as and through that we began to run the occasional event which became more regular until we came to a point that managing both was a little tough. Ben Stevens of Vicious Circle / Toolbox Digital bought and we concentrated on running our events. We were surprised at how many enquiries we were getting asking us to help book DJs that play for us and that evolved into the creation of We Love Hard House DJs. 

Being promoters rather than commissioned DJ bookers, we are privileged to have a 360 degree view of the scene, from clubbers to event organisers and venue managers; being flexible and realistic being a key strength.  Being focused on the scene rather than profit also gives us an advantage.

We're also completely transparent.  Here are some "good to know" things about us:

Our offices are open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6pm.  We are located in Barcelona but our offices hours are UK times.  If lines are busy, rather than you receive a busy tone or voicemail your call will be diverted to a reception team in the UK.  They will take your details and we'll call you back within an hour. We manage the diaries for all those we represent and can usually make fairly quick decisions for you.  All bookings are backed up by a contract. 

Each contract comes into force when a deposit has been received from the Promoter.  We do not allow the use of any DJs name, logo or images in promotional material until a deposit has been received from the Promoter for the relevant event.   We also require the balance to be paid in advance of the performance and must be done so via debit or credit card, or bank transfer.  While this may appear at odds with our flexible claim, we are being realistic too, as we have to protect the interests not only of the DJ, but the DJs fans. 

As previously stated, we run our own events.  Usually these are publicised at least nine months out from the event and it is always our intention to run events that don't adversely affect other publicised or known events.  The events we run are the day time extended showcase parties under the Pure banner, as well as A Weekend Away With... at the West Rocks Hotel in Eastbourne.  We are always open to hosting rooms within other events. 

We don't charge a booking fee, admin fee, management fee or lets make it up as we go along fee.  We do plan to charge a nominal transaction fee to cover the cost of payment processing.  That will be charged at cost and when we introduce that we will give plenty of notice.

We do have a requirement that Promoters sell a proportion of advance tickets through a known and established ticket seller.  We recommend but who is used is ultimately the decision of the Promoter.  We insist on this as it illustrate there is a level of financial security and in-particular protection to clubbers should something go wrong.  

We support Plug'em, an initiative by the British Tinnitus Association that aims to remove the stigma of wearing earplugs in loud environments.  

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