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(from the people that brought you moreonthedoor.com)

We're the the promoters for the Pure extended DJ show case events, such as Pure Andy Farley, Pure Paul Glazby and Pure Rob Tissera. The premise for these events is that each should feature a long solo set (minimum of 6 hours) and usually with a warm-up and closing set guest DJs either side. We do not influence the play-list. Our only request is that there is progression throughout the set.

We have already confirmed Pure Andy Farley for Saturday 11th November, and we're delighted to welcome BK for his first Pure, on Saturday 30th September. As with all our events now, and will both be run during the day. There are a couple of other Pure events that are working on. Unfortunately there is no Pure Paul Glazby this year, simply because as the dates don't work for Paul or us but we are looking at an early 2018 date... watch this space.


We are frequently asked where welovehardhouse.com branded goods can be purchased from. We did a trial earlier in the year and were staggered by the support - thank you.

A new clubbing brand focused third party supplier comes online in April and we've decided to work with them to support our merchandise sales. Glamzoo is the brainwave of Amadeus Mozart who is credited with being the man behind the branding at Tidy - so he knows a thing or too.

More information about our new store is HERE

This year sees another first for us. In partnership with the West Rocks Hotel in Eastbourne, we are running a series of weekend events. A Weekend Away With... kicks off with A Weekend Away With Andy Farley in March. The weekend events are designed to be intimate up close and personal with a capacity of just 100. We knew we would more than likely sell out of the Andy Farley weekend event before-hand. We weren't expecting to sell out in seven minutes though!

Each event is made possible thanks to everyone who buys tickets. Our small but very loyal team then help us make it happen, thanks go to the designers such as Darren at Twisted Edge, Adam M and Toby from NeMediaDesign, Wendy (wo0.co.uk) who is our photographer, Ariela and her team who manage the ever popular Gelato stall and to John and Sam from Systematic who are the guys behind our now famous lasers.

Of course the DJs themselves work hard, not just during the set but we ask a lot from them in the run-up. Most Pure events are planned twelve months in advance and sometimes even longer.

Thank you for your support. If you have any suggestions or comments then please CONTACT US