Our SMS Alert and Reminder Service

SMS Alert - we'll remind you to go online on-time.

Over the next few weeks we are planning a number of on-line live interactive features on our website, starting with a mini-series of question and answer sessions with some of our headliners for Eastbourne. 

We've taken part in these types of sessions before - the biggest frustration for our customers is remembering when to be online. The same frustration is shared when people accidentally miss Earlybird ticket releases.

We're aware everyone has busy lives and things get in the way sometimes. So we've set  a free alert service.  If you have seen something on our website you'd like to watch live or be online when earlybird tickets for a particular event are released, we can arrange to send you a reminder on the day.  

Click the FREE SMS REMINDER icon  for the live event you wish us to remind you about.  Follow the on screen instructions.


We'll need your email address, credit card statement address, and your mobile telephone number. 

You will need access to your email account as we need to verify your email address.


We'll send a SMS text between 30-60 minutes before the scheduled start. Party like its 1999.





On request reminder service


Under evaluation - your feedback would be appreciated



A database of numbers to send random marketing messages to

IMPORTANT - you will only receive reminder SMSs from us for the event(s) you specifically ask to remind you about.  You won't receive unsolicited marketing messages.


To provide this service we use a third party. FastSMS are a UK based communications provider. They only use UK based servers to deliver SMS messages. FastSMS do not retain, harvest, re-sell, rent or distribute numbers. We Love Hard House processes requests for each reminder service.
Once the alert has been sent we store a SMS delivery report for 90 days in case of a query or dispute.  This report contains the history of each request, including your name, email address, SMS message number, date and time request was made.
We also record the IP address for the device that was used to make the request, which event the reminder relates to and the mobile number to which the requested reminder is to be sent to. The information is then matched to a delivery report which shows when your network received the reminder text.    Your mobile number will not be used again unless you have requested a reminder for another reminder for something else. 
We Love Hard House offer this service in good-faith, for free but without liability if for any reason you don't receive the SMS Reminder (network issues, your device being out of service etc).